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Harman and KD’s Southern Cuisine bring upscale dining to Oklahoma

Bricktown, Oklahoma City’s entertainment district, just got a lot more entertaining with the opening of KD’s Southern Cuisine, an elegant dining establishment. In the evening, it transforms into a nightclub with DJs, dancing and live music, all served up through a Harman audio system.

The design brief given to Norman, OK system integrator Pro Presenters, LLC and its President/CEO, Steve Patrick, was clear: "The ownership group wanted KD’s to have an upscale look and feel, and New York City club-level audio where we could really push some sound pressure levels.” 

KD’s is divided into four areas - dining room, bar, private lounge and patio - and the system had to cover the sonic gamut from subtle background music to live bands and DJs pounding out the volume. In the bar area in particular the owners were insistent upon having dance club-capable SPL, but with so much emphasis placed on the décor, there was no room to hang loudspeakers, let alone large ones. 

For the bar area, Pro Presenters needed a loudspeaker that could fit into the wall behind the bar while delivering the requisite volume. The company went with 12 JBL AC15 ultra-compact loudspeakers, inset into the framework and placed at a height and in locations to ensure even, unbroken coverage throughout the room.

Adjacent to the bar is a small performance area for DJs and live bands, where four JBL VRX928LA compact constant curvature loudspeakers and two VRX918S subwoofers are mounted on each side of the stage. “These are perfect for this kind of application,” Steve noted.

The main dining room and two private dining areas required music that could go from a gentle background level to something louder. Steve wanted to install loudspeakers in the ceiling but had to work around a number of large circular hanging lighting fixtures.

The loudspeakers are powered by a total of nine Crown amplifiers, a mix of DSi 6000, DSi 2000, CDi 1000, CDi 4000, 280A and 180A models. “These amps just made sense for this installation - their onboard processing enabled us to easily tailor their frequency balance, and other parameters to the loudspeakers, subwoofers and room acoustics,” said Steve.

A Soundcraft Si Performer digital live sound console handles both lighting and sound for the stage and main dining areas. Steve chose the Performer because “we felt like it was two consoles in one. One person can do it all - mix the sound for both rooms and control all the lights with onboard DMX-based scene recalls. It’s amazing how much capability is built into this console.”





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