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SGM P-5s mingle with the stars at Swiss Planetarium

Since opening in 1969, the Swiss Museum of Transport Planetarium has been a source of fascination for young and old alike. Beneath the 18m dome, visitors experience a breath-taking, starry sky and discover the principles and latest research discoveries from the world of astronomy.

This, the only large-scale planetarium in Switzerland, belongs to an exclusive circle that is able to depict dome-filling moving pictures within its 508 m2 area.

Swiss technical service supplier, Auviso, who have invested in SGM products through local SGM distributor ASL, have supplied the LED lighting for the refurbishment of the planetarium, while also participating in an advisory role during the implementation.

Auviso’s project manager, Patrik Peier commented: “Using P-5 wash lights is definitely an asset to the Museum of Transport Planetarium, as they provide brighter light and significantly reduce the power consumption.” 

The Planetarium dome is now solely illuminated by P-5 fixtures, which are placed in pre-existing boxes on the wall. 

As with all new LED models from SGM, the P-5 is equipped with an optimised cooling system and a control method to guarantee flicker-free operation, which is of high importance in its new environment in Switzerland, up among the stars.





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