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Outline - bringing live sound to 4K cinema

To ensure the audience a hard-hitting “live” sound for a preview 4K screening of “Muse live at Rome Olympic Stadium”, UCI Italia, chose a sound system by Outline for its UCI Bicocca venue, one of only twenty theatres selected throughout the world for the high profile event.

Rock concerts have been identified by UCI as being among the most successful alternatives to traditional films and, after investigating the possibility of offering key venues audio quality on a par with live concerts, their collaboration with Outline enabled them to achieve this, enhancing the screening of the Muse show.

Although frequently mentioned in the trade press for the use of its sound reinforcement systems by leading international rental firms for high-profile concerts, Outline has designed and manufactured dedicated cinema loudspeaker systems since 2000 and carried out on-going upgrades to components - woofers, mid-woofers and compression drivers. 

Thanks to their vertical dispersion, these systems are ideal for multi-screen venues, where seating is often more steeply raked than that in cinemas of the past.

As well as the Outline Movie enclosures behind the screen, the system debuted for the Muse film included four Outline LAB 21 HS SP, an infra-sub featuring ingenious acoustic architecture - a hybrid waveguide indirect radiation system able to completely recover low frequency sound pressure from the rear of the unit’s 21 inch woofer.

Processing was via Outline’s Genius M412 matrix. Command macros received from the “DoReMi” cinema hardware completely change halls’ sonic impact, with each one calling up a preset of the audio parameters on the Genius M412.

Outline iMode’s dual-stage compressor/limiter enables distortion-free maximum sound pressure, even with digital audio content. 

Another Outline-equipped UCI cinema recently hosted the Italian preview of the film Monuments Men, attended by the complete cast, led by George Clooney. At that venue, the set-up comprised three Movie H102, three Movie B215 bass units, two Movie S218 subwoofers and 24 Movie FX81 surround enclosures. 

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