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Bose RoomMatch System selected for  Wabash City Schools Auditorium

Until recently, the auditorium used by Wabash City High School and Middle School Wabash, Indiana featured a sound system that had not been updated in 30 years. That has all changed since a new RoomMatch sound system from Bose Professional Systems was installed there recently.

Now, students, faculty and visitors to the schools can enjoy high-quality sound and increased intelligibility for everything from school band and theatrical performances to graduation and other ceremonies.  

In the auditorium, Indiana-based AV systems integrator Circle City Audio installed a RoomMatch system composed of three RM9040 modules, two RM7020 modules and two RMS215 subwoofers, configured in a dual-hang arrangement at the front of the hall.

These are powered by three Bose PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers, with processing by a pair of Bose ControlSpace ESP-88 digital signal processors.  

“It’s our school’s mission to provide our students the best possible opportunities we can, and now we’re doing that in the auditorium, with the installation of the new Bose RoomMatch PA system,” said Will Woodruff, band director and auditorium director of Wabash City Schools.

Andrew Van Veld, of Circle City Audio, designed the sound system and handled the installation for the schools over the course of four days earlier this year. Van Veld used the Bose Modeler sound system software and fine-tuned it with the Bose patented Auditioner playback system.

“RoomMatch arrays were the right option in this situation – we needed a dual-hang line array product that let us control patterns vertically and horizontally, so we can put the right coverage in the right areas of the room,” he explained. 

“Using Modeler and Auditioner let me get to the point where I was comfortable with not only how the speaker sounds, but if the speaker will cover the room properly, give us good speech intelligibility, and create music support,” Andrew said.

The outcome has been all the school hoped for, and more. “The superintendent is very impressed so far, and the crowd has responded very positively to the fact that we can actually understand our announcer now,” noted Will.





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