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New York headquarters welcomes visitors with stunning video wall

Visitors to Brookfield Office Properties' new corporate headquarters on the 15th floor of 250 Vesey Street in Lower Manhattan, New York, will be met with a massive and ultra high-resolution video wall.

Composed of 36 ultra narrow bezel 55 inch screens, the video wall tells the story of Brookfield as a company, with stunning high resolution visuals and motion graphics driven by Dataton’s WATCHOUT multi-display system.

The video wall project was conducted via a partnership between Union Design, which created over an hour of original content, and Warren Z Productions, which conducted the AV installation and integration. The resulting video wall is in a 12 x 3 configuration that boasts a massive 23,040 x 3240 pixel resolution. 

“Knowing the need for ultra-high resolution as well as the desire to highlight dynamic content, we knew we wanted to choose Dataton WATCHOUT as our media server solution,” said Jay Barba, Director of Production for Warren Z Productions. 

WATCHPAX media players are revolutionary, performance-optimised, solid-state media servers with built-in WATCHOUT software for pure plug and play presentations. At the Brookfield HQ, Warren Z installed the small WATCHPAX on the back of each monitor, and just needed to run CAT5 cable back to a switch in a nearby rack.  

Using WATCHOUT software, Union Design created an hour’s worth of stunning motion graphics for Brookfield.  “WATCHOUT allows our designers to be free to create content without limitations,” said Adam Cohen, President of Union Design. 

Lars Sandlund, COO at Dataton, commented: “We designed WATCHPAX with this kind of tough presentation scenario in mind - when creativity is flying high but space is limited –and it has really proved its worth. Congratulations to both WarrenZ, Union Design and Brookfield for creating a truly memorable welcome for visitors.”





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