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The Spirit of free thinking makes beautiful music with d&b

A new concert hall in Rezekne, Latvia is remarkable for a number of reasons. While many in the West, and even those closer to the region may have never heard of Rezekne, it is the place where one hundred years ago the foundation of an independent Latvian state was first conceived.

The arts centre, known as Gors, has two performance halls. One a small recital room that seats two hundred and fifty, while the main concert hall seats a thousand, but can be reconfigured for standing, raising capacity to two and half thousand. 

Lead construction company Arcers, led by project manager Uldis Dundurs, called upon the services of Latvian consultancy SGS Sistemas to manage the technology needs of a modern concert hall. “The acoustic solution presented by Akustion of Sweden was particularly challenging,” said Uldis.

“Nothing of this kind had ever been built in Latvia before.” SGS’s MD Normunds Eilands embraced the challenge, “Akustion have done a magnificent job, the room flatters the rudiments of orchestral performance beautifully, but at more than two seconds the reverberation presents real problems for sound reinforcement.”

Normunds contacted two domestic sound reinforcement specialists to tender for the project, Riga based Universal Baltic Sound (UBS) winning with a proposal based upon the d&b audiotechnik V-Series line array. 

“The concert hall is wholly funded by the Rezenke city council,” said UBS’s Director, Edmunds Zazerkis. 

“A total budget of 12.8 million Latvian Lats is realistic, but that didn’t mean they could be profligate with the audio spend. A left/right system of V-Series loudspeakers, with the d&b 10S for fill duties, made for a very affordable package.”

Edmund still thinks luck had much to do with it, but Gors Concert Hall Director, Diāna Zirnina disagrees, “All the contractors have done great work, especially SGS with the sound and lighting, and have made us very proud that we can achieve such things in Latvia.”





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