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The Dubai Mall installs more than 900 Meyer Sound Self-Powered Loudspeakers

Home to 1,200 retail businesses and covering 1.1 million square meters. To provide intelligible yet discreet background music for shoppers, 939 Meyer Sound MM-4XP self-powered loudspeakers have been installed. Mediatech Design Group designed the system, with Systech Middle East handling installation and integration.

“MDG has successfully specified Meyer Sound products on a number of projects in the past where performance was critical, so it was logical for us to consider them again for The Dubai Mall,” said Ged King, CEO and founder of MDG, a company with extensive experience in shopping mall AV design installations. 

“In addition, we needed a self-powered system that could provide high-quality audio from a small and compact loudspeaker and could be incorporated into the mall’s interior design.”

With a face measuring just four inches square,the custom-coloured MM-4XP loudspeakers are distributed throughout the main shopping area to blend in with the surroundings. More than 60 km of Belden cabling allows the loudspeakers to be dispersed across three floors of the building. 

Supporting the loudspeakers are 131 MPS-488HP power supplies, while system drive and alignment are provided by a Galileo loudspeaker management system comprising 18 Galileo 616 processors. The system was installed to co-exist alongside the previously installed reinforcement system in the mall’s older section.

“I’m extremely happy with how it sounds,” said Malek Ghorayeb, general manager of Systech Middle East. “The MM-4XPs effortlessly reproduce both speech and music. Anyone who walks around the mall now will notice the difference. It’s remarkably intelligible and balanced.”

In other areas of The Dubai Mall, MM-4XP loudspeakers supply music reinforcement for an impressive fountain show, while a MICA line array loudspeaker system provides coverage for the Dubai Ice Rink.





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