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KV2 Audio marquee install at The Ivy House, Suffolk

Norfolk based KV2 Audio installer Saturn AV have completed a permanent installation in an events marquee at The Ivy House Hotel, Oulton Broad, Suffolk.

The marquee required a discreet solution for both DJ playback and live band reinforcement that needed to adhere to strict noise regulations regarding SPL. To tackle these issues a distributed system was chosen to achieve maximum coverage at lower SPLs.

Having completed successful installations using KV2’s passive ESD Series Saturn AV Director Olly Smith had no hesitation in returning to the product range.

18 KV2 Audio 2-way 6 inch ESD 6’s were distributed around the marquee and were chosen because of their small profile design that offers an amazing full range output. The wide yet controlled 100 x 100 degree dispersion covered the large area whilst reducing the projection of sound beyond the required distance.

The marquee features two centre support columns to which 4 ESD 6’s were installed vertically with a further 5 ESD 6’s installed horizontally down either side of the marquee.

To enhance the aesthetic quality of the install Olly ordered his speakers in white to blend in with the classy surroundings.

KV2 Audio’s ESD products can be run with any amplification but Olly opted to use KV2’s ESP 4000 4 x 1000W amplifier for optimised performance. 

“The requirement for a discreet solution led us to specify the ESD 6’s due to their amazing full range output that doesn’t rely on additional subwoofers.” Olly commented.

“In fact, the ESD 6 performs so well that we had to remove a little of the low frequency to comply with the environmental officer.”

KV2 Audio’s ESD top boxes feature revolutionary passive delay and crossover networks within the cabinets. This technology is unique to KV2 in the Pro Audio industry and removes the need for bi-amping and external digital time alignment meaning whatever amplifier is used the output is balanced.





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