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Nexo GEO Line Arrays for ‘YOYO’ New Event Space in Paris

The former auditoria of the Cinematheque Francaise have been transformed into YOYO, a new space in the famous Parisian arts complex, the Palais de Tokyo. This private-hire space also features NEXO’s GEO S12 line array system paired with LS18 subs, the first to be installed in Paris.

The loudspeakers for the new YOYO space are not the first to be installed in the Palais de Tokyo. In early 2013, the installation company Nanolink fitted a GEO S8 compact line array into the übercool Monsieur Bleu restaurant and bar.  

With its seven-metre height, the venue was able to accommodate NEXO CD12 subbass cabinets in the ceiling. GEO S12 cabinets were installed outside on the famous terrace, with its enviable view of the Eiffel Tower.

Sound system designers Alain Roy and Jean Michel of Nanolink chose a main PA comprising left and right arrays of 4x GEO S12 cabinets, flown with 2x LS18 subbass and NXAMP processor / amplifiers.  Additional subbass is provided by 3x groundstacked Nexo STM S118 subs.  

Nexo PS10 full-range cabinets are positioned around the space - four on each side wall - with two GEO S12 modules under the balcony. This provides an impressive surround-sound system when the auditorium is used as a cinema.  

“The system gives us great dispersion,” said Jean Michel. “Our biggest challenge was to get the phasing correct throughout the room."

The Nexo sound reinforcement system is run over a Dante network, chosen because it allows the maximum flexibility in positioning the mixing console for all the different types of events. The system is truly plug-and-play, said Michel, so all the positions are programmable.





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