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Elation Lighting keeps high-tech H&M flagship store in party mode

Lighting designer and head of New York City-based Levy Lighting, Ira Levy, has a reputation for experimental, cutting-edge designs. Elation fixtures have also found their place on his designs, most recently at the prestigious H&M flagship store in New York’s Times Square.

“I decided wherever possible in retail to stay away from discharge lamps," Ira said. "For the H&M store, I needed an LED-based spot fixture and chose to use the Platinum Spot LED II.”

Ira created an all-white moving light grid with custom-painted white Platinum Spot LED II units. “They are sending moving beams around the store all day long, creating energy and excitement for shoppers as they enter,” he explained. “The idea is that the store is in New Year's Eve party mode 24 / 7. The moving lights make it feel like you are coming to a party or night-club.” 

H&M is a growing clothing retailer with an innovative, trend-setting image, (an opening day appearance by Lady Gaga helped kicked off the party atmosphere) and the new flagship store in Times Square reflects that with a metal decor and futuristic, tech-savvy design that the Elation Platinum Spot LEDs look perfectly at home in.  

Known for fulfilling a lighting brief with a cutting-edge custom solution, Ira turned to the Platinum Spot LED’s 135W cool white LED engine to cut through high ambient light levels while using the fixture’s eight colours and 14 gobos to splay effects across the space and onto the reflective surfaces. To keep the energetic atmosphere fresh, beams can then be manipulated via a frost filter, three-facet rotating prism, iris, focus, high speed shutter and strobe.





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