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Poland’s Stefan Jaracz Theatre relies on Dynacord

The Stefan Jaracz Theatre in the Polish city of Olsztyn opened in 1925 and is considered to have one of the richest traditions of any playhouse in Poland, and yet at the same time to be one of the most innovative.

Last year, in autumn, the theatre was completely renovated in the course of an EU cultural heritage program and sound reinforcement equipment from Dynacord installed. A gala attended by numerous celebrities marked the official reopening of the theatre in November 2013.

The installation had been performed by the Bialystok-based system-integration specialists Delta with support from Dynacord partner Tommex. Given the reputation of the theatre, the expectations placed on the new sound reinforcement system were very high.

The stipulations were that it deliver “the highest possible audio quality” as well as being both “highly reliable” and “versatile”.

“The Stefan Jaracz Theater is dedicated entirely to drama,” explained Piotr Wosiek, the Head of Tommex’s Olsztyn office. “That means the sound has to be crystal clear and flawlessly intelligible – even at very high volume levels. For this reason, we adopted a complex, modular sound design as our solution.”

The Stefan Jaracz Theater is, in fact, three theaters in one: the Large Stage, the Margines Stage and the Kameralna Stage. Each of these differently sized performance spaces has been equipped with a sound reinforcement system tailored to its individual needs. A mobile system rounds off the complex installation.

If necessary, the sound components of all four systems can be connected and controlled via IRIS-Net software. IRIS-Net allows quick and efficient configuration of large groups of hardware to enable a large number of individual devices to operate as a single, seamless system.

The largest of the three performance spaces can accommodate audiences of up to 420 visitors. To ensure the highest possible levels of intelligibility as well as homogeneous coverage throughout the seating area, a sound design based on three zones was adopted.

The first zone comprises the stage area, where Dynacord VL212 and SUB28 cabinets are mounted on mobile trolleys in the rear. The second corresponds to the seating area – a task, obviously, for the main sound system; Dynacord VL212 loudspeakers are flown for the purpose at a height of 10-metres to the left and right of the stage.

The third zone, the section of the stalls beneath the balcony, posed an acoustic challenge that was solved by two Dynacord VL262 and VL62 loudspeakers on a delay line to compensate for their position half-way up the hall.

Presets were available for all the loudspeakers, with FIR filters employed in each case. “These make life far easier,” stated a grateful Piotr. “With FIR filters, there’s no phase shift and the characteristics of the sonic image remain linear at all times.”

The principle underlying the installation in the Margines Stage is maximum flexibility. The stage is mobile; it can be placed in any corner of the auditorium.

To ensure even coverage whatever its location, the sound system is split in three, with four VL122 cabinets shared equally between front and back trusses and, to reinforce the low frequencies, two SUB28 cabinets mounted on the equipment bridge.

The signals emanating from the Dynacord CMS 1000-3 mixer pass through a P64 controller and then via IRIS-Net to a total of six H2500 amplifiers with RCM-26 modules.

The sound reinforcement solution in the Kameralna Stage is basically the Dynacord Madras sound system that was already there prior to the renovation: an active system to which a Dynacord P64-1500 controller has been added to allow its integration into the network via IRIS-Net.

The mobile sound reinforcement system is a new acquisition and it offers the creative staff possibilities that are also completely new. The theatre management intends it to be used for rehearsals as well as outdoor productions, road shows and other such events.

It consists of a CMS 1000-3 in a prewired mixer case and two Dynacord PSD 215 active subwoofers. Depending upon the requirements, these can be operated with two passive VariLine VL262 tops or with active D-Lite D 12-3 and active D 8A cabinets (two of each).

The performers on stage have also profited from the new investment. The newly purchased Dynacord CMX-15 stage monitors have greatly enhanced the monitor system that was already in place (Dynacord AM12 and M12 cabinets) and the sound on stage is now, according to Piotr, “beyond reproach”.





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