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Grand Hyatt Hotel Finds Clarity with Meyer Sound CAL Loudspeakers

Hong Kong's five-star hotel, the Grand Hyatt, has installed a pair of Meyer Sound CAL column array loudspeakers with a view to elevate speech and music clarity in the luxurious yet acoustically challenging Grand Ballroom.

A room frequently used for wedding parties and auction events, the Grand Ballroom recently underwent a renovation. With its mirrored walls and low ceiling, the new interior architecture presented a difficult environment for amplified sound.

Following the hotel group CEO's request for a new sound solution, Audio Dynamic, Meyer Sound's Hong Kong dealer, staged a convincing demo using two steerable CAL column array loudspeakers.

"When the CAL loaner system arrived, the maximum gain before feedback was immediately improved," said Hongi Lau, Audio Visual Project Manager of the Grand Hyatt. "Speech was clear and intelligible. We were also surprised by the music quality, and how the system produces such a warm, rich sound without a subwoofer."

Designed specifically for challenging acoustic environments, CAL loudspeakers provide highly accurate vertical beam steering to aim directly at audience members without exciting an acoustic space.

Hearing clear acoustic improvements from CAL, Grand Hyatt management worked with Paul Poon of Audio Dynamic to permanently install a pair of colour-matched CAL 32 loudspeakers. The hotel audio team can control the coverage angle and dispersion using the Meyer Sound Compass control software.

"With the permanent CAL installation, the results are now even better," reported Hongi Lau. "Maximum level at the room entrance, more than 30 metres from either speaker, is over 110 dB SPL.

"In addition, the level measured across the room shows minimal variation. These are really amazing loudspeakers, giving us a level of performance never before heard in this room."





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