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Jands’ Vista L5 Console in US Megachurch

Florida’s fast-growing Celebration Church is utilising Jands’ flagship Vista L5 console to control lighting and video productions during worship services for its 12,000-strong congregation.

The services held at the Jacksonville-based Church's newly constructed worship Arena are often broadcast internationally via web stream. They are renowned for being an energetic, immersive praise and worship experience.

Celebration Church’s Lead Lighting Designer and AVL Technician, Trey Smith, specified the Jands Vista L5.

“The Jands Vista L5 is so user-friendly and easy to grasp that it’s a hit not only with us tech guys, but also with the church’s volunteers, who often operate the lighting and media during shows,” said Trey.

“The L5’s Timeline feature was a key factor in us specifying it, making it easy to control media via timecode, and to make changes on the fly.”

In the Arena alone, around 700 fixtures are controlled by the Vista L5. For the entire building, there are 2,200 fixtures, including 93 Chroma-Q Inspire LED house lights.

Only 140 of these 2,200 are not LED, and all the fixtures are controlled by the L5 via Pathway's Pathport Connectivity system, which is used to link together the lighting throughout the building.

“Currently, our L5 is connected via Ethernet and fibre to our Pathport nodes onstage and in the catwalk - two nodes for onstage, and two for catwalk that run all of the house lighting and wall lights around the seating,” continued Trey.

“We also have Pathport throughout the rest of the building, to control lobby lighting, kids’ lighting, nursery hallways, and the Loft Café.

“Everything is on one large network, but data is managed using VLANS so that lighting data doesn’t cross into the Arena. However, we have made it possible for the L5 to control the rest of the building if the situation calls for it.”

Trey and his team are currently using more than 30 universes for the entire building.

In addition to the L5, the Church uses two Jands Vista M1s in the Kids’ Ministry rooms, one Jands Vista S1 at its nearby Orange Park Campus, one Jands Vista I3 for tracking backup in the Main Arena, two M1s at the Midtown Location, and two M1s at its nearby St. Johns Campus.

In the Main Arena, the L5 is used to trigger media content as well as lighting, which is designed in-house and loaded onto a Coolux Pandora’s Box media server. The Vista range is also compatible with other media server solutions.

“The L5 is able to send Art-Net data to the Pandora’s Box Media Manager,” said Trey. “Pandora controls our stage 60-foot by 20-foot projection wall (15x 8,000 lumen Titan Projectors edge blended) as well as our 32 Sony LCD TVs that surround the projection wall.

“We set up Jands to be able to control six video layers in Pandora through Art-Net. During regular Sunday services, Jands triggers almost all graphics and videos that go up on the projection wall and TVs.

“During special events and video elements, Pandora runs the visuals and sends LTC Timecode back to Jands Vista to trigger lighting cues.”

Trey added that the Celebration Church had been using their Vista I3, M1 and S1 consoles for four years before upgrading to the L5 for the new Arena.

“Vista has always worked well for us, and moving up to the L5 meant more power and features without a steep learning curve, as it uses exactly the same v2 software as our other Vista consoles.”

The L5 comes with the Vista v2 software, a program that has been embraced by users for being innovative, intuitive, powerful and easy to use.

The Church’s show planning is very precise. Songs are often planned a month in advance, with lighting and media programming happening weeks before the service.

“Using the L5 to control so many fixtures and demanding media, we are putting a lot of responsibilities on the console, but it works beautifully,” Trey went on. “And due to the L5’s integration with Pathport, it’s a seamless operation.”

Featuring a massive 21-inch High-Definition TFT screen, the L5 offers a lot of space to add and re-arrange windows, making data easy to view and respond to.

The Jands Vista was supplied to the Celebration Church by design firm WAVE, which was contracted to design, supervise and install the new lighting and sound system.





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