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Christian Worship Center Upgrades with Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Console

The Christian Worship Center in Manteca, California, recently purchased a Harman Soundcraft Vi6 digital console to better accommodate the Sunday and Wednesday services at its 2,000-seat venue.

While most of the Center’s previous equipment was analogue, current Lead Sound Engineer Bill Clark relayed how the construction goal was to implement state of the art sound reinforcement gear through digital technology.

The church thus set stringent design requirements for the new console and with the assistance of San Francisco’s Novo Group and consultant Art Yeap; it was determined only the Vi6 could satisfy these.

As a serviceman with 35 years in the US Army, the last 18 in the Army Music Program, Bill is also responsible for the sound reinforcement of his Army unit, the 191st Army Band in Dublin, California.

Having experienced Soundcraft as one of his first digital consoles in the past, he appreciates the brand and recommends Vi Series consoles for their channel capacity, rich feature set and cost-to-performance ratio.
Additionally, the Christian Worship Center plans to create a production company utilising its current platform for theatre and music.

In order to suit the audio needs of artists and actors, the owners required a well-polished MADI implementation of the new console. The Vi6 can more than provide for this need, as Bill recently demonstrated with the recording of two albums.

“We wanted to do a lot of things with our new console, and we went with the Vi6 because it’s superior in many ways,” said Bill.

“Whether used for touring or fixed installation, from a safety and logistics standpoint, it cuts the weight and equipment count by so much, allowing us to replace all those equipment racks with onboard features.

"With regards to capacity, we never reach the limit with our 64x32 mono-outs, despite having a big worship team of eight vocalists, a full-sized band with a horn section and 18 channels of wireless handhelds and body-packs.”

All the feeds are routed into a PC, which gives Clark the ability to come back later and audit the mixes. As an additional benefit, this allows him to train new volunteers more efficiently, leading to more consistent operations of the intuitively designed console.

For example, training a student who is obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in music production was as easy for Bill as training his own son, who has had limited sound engineering experience.

“Not only does the console run continuously with no problems [I’ve tested it multiple times on 16 hour runs non-stop], it sounds great!” said Bill.

“There are a lot of subtle things that my ears don’t hear anymore, but with a digital signal path, the marvelous compressors and the onboard effects, I can definitely hear the improved clarity. Frankly, it all sounds nothing short of astounding.”





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