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StubHub Center invests in Merging’s Event Sequencer

Soccer might not be the most popular game in the USA although it has had a major boost from the latest World Cup. Undoubtedly the involvement of David Beckham with the LA Galaxy team made it the most well known team internationally. Their home venue is California’s StubHub Center, which is way more than just a football stadium.

This is also an Official US Olympic Training Site with state-of-the art stadiums and facilities for tennis, track & field, cycling, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball and other sports in addition to the soccer. Playing music, making announcements, playing commercials and jingles is essential in any stadium and multiple areas need different treatment.  When it was time to upgrade their facilities, the technical team at the StubHub Center chose Merging’s Ovation Audio and Event Sequencer.
Removing the limitations of the previous cart type player proved a liberating experience for the team. Now different cues can be played in different areas at different volume and the ability to add a live DJ, CD or iPod playout and commentary to the regular program fits their needs perfectly.  Installing Ovation has also removed the need for a separate mixer which results in a simpler and less expensive system but with far greater functionality.  Future expansion is also possible by upgrading the Ovation to the more powerful Platinum pack that will add Scene Snapshots and enhanced mixing features.
An operator at the StubHub Center made the following commented: “If you compare Ovation to our old Instant Replay System, it is like stepping from analog to digital.  The ability to manipulate your cues easily plus having the touch screen function makes it extremely easy to operate and to access stored sound bites.  Being able to control your inputs (DJ, iPod, live microphones) directly in front of you from one work space is a major benefit.”





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