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Elation Goes Underwater at Fredericia Sportscenter Swimming Pool

At Fredericia Sportscenter in central Denmark, Elation’s high-powered ELAR EXTQW Flood HP LED Par fixture is being used to colour wash the facility’s 50-metre long swimming pool in shades from everyday white light to dynamic mood lighting.

24 of the IP65-rated fixtures, supplied by, work from beneath the water line behind small windows on the sides of the pool. 

Fredericia Sportscenter is a multi-use facility that serves sport, culture and the business community with an assortment of activities in the heart of Denmark.

With sports halls, stadium, training areas, meeting rooms, bowling alley, café and more, the Sportscenter’s recently upgraded swimming pool area is one of the more popular attractions.

A unique feature of the pool, and one that allows for flexible use, is the basin itself, which can be divided into three smaller sections.

The middle section, for example, can be raised and lowered for underwater spinning classes while also providing easy access for disabled swimmers.

The ELAR EXTQW Flood HP fixture’s quad colour RGBW colour mixing gives the possibility to colour the pool in a uniform look or shade each section individually.

In close dialog with Fredericia Sportscenter staff, programmed several shows using Elation’s PC-based Emulation Pro lighting control software.

They run the shows via an Elation DR-Pro DMX recorder, which allows for simple recording and playback of up to five hours of lightshows.

With the touch of a button in the control centre, personnel can choose between smooth, homogeneous looks for everyday use, including powerful white light, slow fades for evening mood lighting, or several high-energy lighting shows for training.

The ELAR EXTQW is ideal for indoor or outdoor installations and includes outdoor-rated power and data cables, is power/data linkable and comes equipped with an internal power supply.





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