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Robe A ParFect Solution for Španski Borci

The first 12 Robe ParFect 100 fixtures in Slovenia have been purchased by the Španski Borci Culture Centre in Ljubljana, a venue run by EN-KNAP Productions.

The largest privately managed facility for cultural activities in the country, the Centre is also home to Slovenian Contemporary Dance Company EnKnapGroup.

Named in honour of the volunteers who sacrificed their lives in the fight for freedom during the Spanish Civil War, the venue was originally built in 1981 and extensively refurbished in 2009.

It features an up to 400-seat main hall and a 60- to 80-person capacity flexible studio space with a lively programme of performing arts designed to be widely accessible. It stages around 400 shows and performances, including exhibitions, a year.

Luka Curk, the venue’s Technical Manager, instigated the ParFect 100 purchase, with the units supplied by Robe’s proactive Slovenian distributor, MK Light Sound.

They were delivered with the full set of available diffusion lenses, 10º, 20º and 40º, and gel frames. They are the first professional LED fixtures that the theatre has purchased.

They were chosen for their smooth, bright output and light weight, explained Luka. At 4.2kg without barn doors, the ParFects can easily be rigged on the manual fly bars in their main house.

Looking to the future and potential moving light purchases, they also decided to go with Robe, since the entire current range of static and moving LED fixtures are colour calibrated to match one another.

Luka also explained that the Dance Company tours extensively across Europe, particularly Germany, where Robe is very common, so they can specify them for their touring shows with the confidence that they will be supplied.

“This makes it much easier to manage tours and tech specs,” he said.

As soon as the ParFects were delivered to Španski Borci, they went directly on to their first show, ‘Huda Mravljica’, or ‘Ant Ferocious’, for which Curk was the lighting designer. He used them for discreet side lighting.

“It is fantastic,” he said. “Using just 12 ParFects I can achieve what used to take around 100 fixtures.”

He has known about Robe for some time through various rental companies and MK Light Sound and really started to take notice of the brand after the launch of the LEDWash series in 2010.

Another reason he chose Robe products, was the reliability, as everything in Španski Borci is worked hard and needs to have a good life expectancy.

On top of that, he was really keen to have lights that are manufactured in Europe and, of course, the factor clinching the deal was the good reputation for after sales service and support from MK Light Sound.

Robe’s ParFect 100 is a static version of the little LEDBeam 100 moving light, retaining all of its key features including both CMY & RGBW colour control, tungsten emulation, zone FX, selectable and variable colour temperatures and a 7° beam.

The compact and lightweight moulded composite unit comes complete with a combined hanging bracket/floor stand and wireless DMX, the clip-on diffusion filters and detachable barn-doors are all available as extras.





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