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Robe For New Live Music in Zwolle

Hedon, a well-known live music venue in Zwolle, The Netherlands, has recently had a full Robe moving light rig installed into its brand new building which features an 850-capacity main hall plus an equally active small room that can accommodate 200 people.

The venue has been a local landmark for the last 15 years, showcasing an eclectic and vibrant mix of international and home-grown talent - anything from comedy to music of all types bands - with a hectic schedule of 25-30 shows every month, sometimes peaking at around 50. Hedon is partly owned by a cultural event and community activity organisation called Travers.

Hedon’s Head of Technical, Martijn Deenan and his colleague Geoffrey Zehl produced the lighting spec for the new space. Their research included staging a shoot-out between all the major moving light brands to establish which would offer the best options for Hedon. The specification then went out to tender, and was won by Controllux who are headquartered near Amsterdam.

Controllux collaborated with rental and installation company Bwefar also based in Zwolle, and together with Marijn and Geoffrey, they helped deliver the full and completed project which also included audio and video systems.

The Robe elements are 16 MMX Spots, eight MMX WashBeams, 14  LEDWash 300's and six Spot 600Es - all from Robe’s Robin Series - together with 60 Robe LEDForce 18 PARs, a Robe fogger and MA Lighting grandMA2 console.

Martijn explained that they initially needed good spot moving heads and were ideally seeking properly multi-functional fixtures to cover the diversity of acts performing as well as to light corporate events and private parties.

“We love the MMX WashBeams because you can simply do so much with them,” he explained. “The framing shutters are great and are constantly being used,” he explained commenting that he also likes the MMX Spots and the fact that the two types of fixture are well-matched in output and colours and therefore ideal to run in unison."

Jeroen Van Aalst from Controllux’s Netherlands office concluded: “We were very proud to be chosen for Hedon amidst some serious competition, and by technical staff who really know their stuff. So many people are going to enjoy being entertained there and it’s great to be a part of it.”





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