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Portrush, Ireland

A recent £1.5 million make-over has transformed thirteen year old Lush into a spring chick once again, with a dazzling new lighting install dominated by PR Lighting and a sexy Clair Bros line array, what more could the punters ask for.

Lush is located in the town of Portrush, County Antrim, a popular destination for holiday makers, inside the Kelly’s entertainment complex comprising a hotel, restaurants, bars and holiday chalets. And now with the completion of the facelift to Lush the complex has something to offer for everyone.

Managing Director of Kelly’s, Peter Wilson, contracted local firm Light & Sound FX (LSFX) to implement the upgrade. One element Wilson was keen to have a Lush was video, so that the ever growing VJ culture could relish at this venue. With this in mind, Lush owner Darren Gardiner decided a high resolution PR Lighting Marveon LED screen P12 Indoor, with 12mm pixel pitch, was the answer for the area behind the main stage, while above the stage a 37.5mm V-LED Spell, nearly 20m long, running messages and graphic FX around the dancefloor was the solution, while another V-LED Spell hangs in the foyer area which mainly displays details of upcoming events at the club. 

To stimulate the content for the video screens LSFX’s LED screen specialist Mark Coulson was called in to set up a Window XP computer at the heart of the control, this is fitted with Matrox M9140 (quad) and M9120 (2-head) graphics cards, creating six outputs which can synchronise a number of effect layers.  Coulson explains, “Any VJ can bring in his own content and plug into the Edirol V8 to achieve eight-channel mixing, and that feeds through to the computer. The camera control also feeds into the Edirol, with all DVI feeds converted to CAT5.”  VJs without their own computer still have access to a wide range of effects using the resident ArKaos Grand VJ media server, which has an effects library, built in and the ability to mix a number of layers.

Hanging over the dancefloor is a Litec truss, which has been there for a number of years, during the re-fit however it has been moved upwards towards the ceiling. The truss is fitted with 24 PR Lighting Pilot 250 moving heads which provides the main effect lighting for dancefloor. 
Gardiner said, “We’ve been using PR Lighting for six years and we’ve had no reliability issues whatsoever. Programming of the two displays with custom visuals was straightforward.” He also spoke highly of David Faulkes and Graham Gosden at MilTec (UK) Ltd, who supplied all the PR Lighting equipment and the support they provided throughout the install.

The re-vamp not only included new lighting equipment but also the introduction of a brand new audio system by Clair Bros. Gardiner says, “There is 40kW going into the subs and 100kW into the entire system. We were told the new system had to better the previous one and we did have our concerns, but during testing we very quickly realised that the Clair system was nothing short of outstanding.” Ten Clair Bros i212-1 line arrays have been installed, five on either side of the stage area, with a further ten CS218 subwoofers and infills provided in the form of Community Veris 28’s. Clair Bros amplifiers drive the line arrays and an Ecler DPA 1400 powers the infills, while processing is provided by four Soundweb SW9088ii DSP’s and a SW9010 Jellyfish positioned in the DJ booth.

The DJ booth itself is full of the usual suspects including, Pioneer CDJ-1000’s, Pioneer EFX-1000, Pioneer DJM-800, Allen & Heath Xone:62 and the Allen & Heath V6.

With a fantastic set up such as this and with the likes of top DJs James Zabiela, Pete Tong and John Digweed already on board, it is very hard to see how this newly refurbished establishment could ever put a foot wrong.


10 x Clair Bros i212 line array module; 10 x Clair Bros CS218
subwoofer; 10 x Community Veris 28 speaker; 10 x Clair Bros 8kW amp; 4 x Clair Bros 4kW amp; 4 x Clair Bros 2kW amp; 4 x Ecler DPA1400 amp; 4 x BSS Soundweb 9088ii; 1 x Pioneer DJM-800 mixer; 1 x Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer; 1 x Allen & Heath V6 valve mixer; 4 x Pioneer CDJ-1000 Mk3 CD player; 1 x Pioneer EFX-1000 effects unit

24 x Pearl River Pilot 250; 4 x Martin Wizard Extreme; 2 x Martin Demon strobe; 3 x Thomas Molefays; 20 x MTC LED batten; 12 x MTC LED par can; 6 x C&M Lodestar motorised hoist; 1200 X-Chip LED fixture; 75 x Acclaim Inground RGB colour changing unit; 24 x LED X-Bar; 60 x MR16 RGB LED colour changer; 60 x metre flexi neon rope light; 12 x Littlelite LED unit; 1 x Avolite Azure

15 x Pearl River 12mm video panel; 50 x Pearl River V-Spell 37.5mm LED panel; 1 x custom visuals computer system; 1 x ArKaos Grand VJ; 1 x Edirol P10; 1 x Pioneer DVJ-1000





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