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Liquid Club

Playa de las Americas, Tenerife

On the glistening seafront of Playa de Las Americas a three-floor building with a west-facing terrace beckons the attention of the public. Should one choose to make an approach, it is more than likely they will be suitably pleased with the discovery of a carefully designed and perfectly executed disco venue named Liquid Club.

The club is primarily spilt into two floors, each with its own VIP area.  Both floors offer a different atmosphere, mainly down to the music selection. In addition there is a panoramic lift and a terrace with opulent sunset views for clubbers to enjoy.  The club has a number of resident DJs who belt out the latest tunes from the international music scene as well as welcoming a selection of national and international artists to the stage.

Co-owner Alex Rodriguez created Liquid Club with the aim of producing an avant-garde paradise, where visitors could experience a unique design, superb technology and great music. Renowned designer Tomás Alia was brought in to put Rodriguez’s vision into practice. He used 3D models and pencil drawings to give the owners a detailed plan of his intentions for the club. These proved invaluable to the lighting install as Alia’s instructions ensured the fixtures chosen achieved the desired effect. All of the equipment was installed at the venue by J. Moreno Sonido e Iluminacion, with engineering and development support from Ear Pro, the official Spanish distributor for JBL, Crown and Coemar.
Coemar products were drafted in for the main lighting rig, as Jose Moreno, Area Manager for Ear Pro (but no relation to the installers,  J. Moreno Sonido e Iluminacion) explains, “Using Coemar systems in this kind of installation where there are thousands of LEDs working at the same time which are sometimes expected to show absolutely the same colour, meant counting on quality and reliability. The unification of the lighting equipment was guaranteed in just one brand.”

In the bar areas and VIP zones, 1200m of Coemar Flexible Linealed as well as 76 Coemar PCB 3’s have been installed along the bar and around the seating area. In total 60,200 LEDs have been used in this installation and every single emitter shows absolutely the same colour as soon as it is assigned.

The stage areas include six Coemar iWash Led and six Coemar Spot 150 moving heads, plus eight Coemar Pinlite Led RGB and four Parlite Led RGB respectively. The control for all these fixtures is provided in two areas, on the upper floor, a Coemar Director 768 is responsible for the DMX control, downstairs, a Compulite Dlite 2DMX controls both the main lighting system of the floor and the whole architectural lighting system.
To support this high class lighting system is an equally impressive audio kit with a JBL sound system and Crown amplification, also provided by Ear Pro. Jose Moreno explains the choice: “The owners stated clearly that the club should have a sound system able to provide a homogeneous and high quality sound pressure level throughout the premises. They also wanted the systems to blend with the space in terms of aesthetics. Due to the height and decoration of the club, JBL VRX series loudspeakers were chosen for the main room providing excellent results. The main sound system was complemented with JBL control contractor loudspeakers.”

On the upper floor where the terrace is situated, the sound system comprises eight JBL control 29AV speakers supported by two JBL VRX 915S for the low frequencies for the indoor zone. 23 JBL Control 25AV speakers take care of the outdoor terrace. Moreno says they chose JBL because they “offer a very specific loudspeaker for every single application. Harman counts on all its brands to have a perfect blend of quality and reliability and all these brands’ systems can be combined in total perfection.”

Amplification comes in the form of 21 Crown amps with control from three BSS London BLU 32 units to ensure the best outcome in all areas of the club at all times, the BSS units help to identify and separate the different activities which could be taking place in the club at any one time.

The final piece of the jigsaw to complete this club was the integration of video, which includes seven Sanyo video projectors, four professional 42” Panasonic HD plasma screens as well as a Coemar Video Tile LED screen behind the DJ booth.

Moreno says, “The whole installation team showed a huge effort in their work. As we all know, the AV equipment is one of the last to be rigged and is not always taken into account during the execution of other previous tasks but generally speaking, all was adapted in perfection. The owners, represented on the technical side by Alex Rodríguez, were always on site, participating in the project from the beginning till the end.

“As its name reveals, Liquid is a club in constant movement. Besides, it is one of the most exclusive venues in the Canary Islands. Its location by the sea, its terrace with lovely views and its pleasant atmosphere make it an absolute reference for the day and night of the south of the island,” he concludes.


4 x JBL Control 23 two-way loudspeaker; 18 x JBL Control 24CT ceiling speakers; 21 x JBL Control 25AV compact loudspeaker; 2 x JBL Control 25T high output loudspeaker system; 8 x JBL Control 29AV1 monitor speaker; 4 x JBL C 328C 8” coax speaker; 2 x JBL MS 28 compact 2-way full range loudspeaker system; 2 x JBL PRX 512M 2-way multi-purpose self powered sound reinforcement system; 1 x JBL SMS1-Sub WH base unit; 10 x JBL VRX 915S bass reflex subwoofer; 12 x JBL VRX 932LA two-way line array loudspeaker system; 2 x dbx 120A subharmonic synthesizer; 3 x Crown CTS 1200 amplifier; 11 x Crown CTS 2000 amplifier; 6 x Crown CTS 600 amplifier; 1 Crown CTS 8200 amplifier; 1 x BSS BLU16 4X12 signal processor; 2 x BSS BLU3 wall mounted controller; 1 x BSS BLU80 0X16 signal processor with CobraNet(tm); 1 x BSS BLU80 4X12 signal processor with CobraNet(tm); 2 x Soundcraft UREI 1605 installation music mixer

2 x Coemar 1m StripLite LED RGB+WIP 65; 4 x Coemar ParLite LED IP65; 8 x Coemar PinLite LED RGB; 6 x Coemar iSpot 150 moving head projector; 6 x Coemar iWash LED moving head; 1 x Coemar ELT25 video tile; 756m x Coemar LED 022 LED flexible multicolor; 355m x Coemar LED 001 LED flexible multicolor; 256 x Coemar LED 013; 76 x Coemar PCB 3 LED (RGB); 124 x Coemar Regoled DMX 512; 8 x Coemar Alimentatore; 68 x Coemar E 038 (distributor for PCB’s); 36 x Coemar LineaLED 1 Ch; 1 x Coemar Director 768 console; 1 x Compulite Dlite console; 3 x Sanyo PLC-XT35L Projector XGA 5.000 ANSI lumen; 2 x Sanyo PLC-XU111 Projector XGA 4.000 ANSI lumen; 2 x Sanyo PLC-XU88 Projector XGA 3.000 ANSI lumen; 4 x Panasonic TH-42PH10EK 42” plasma





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