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Lab.gruppen sets sail with Viking Line

More than fifty vessels have sailed in the fleets of the Viking shipping companies since regular ferry traffic began in the Baltic Sea in 1959. Today, Viking Line’s award-winning fleet of seven vessels, with an eighth under construction, combines the luxury of modern cruise ships with high-capacity vehicle decks, thereby meeting the needs of cargo traffic and those who wish to continue their journey by car as well as traditional cruise passengers. Viking Line has been using Lab.gruppen amplifiers for almost fifteen years and has just added a further ten 4-channel C Series amplifiers to their inventory which are to be installed into the new vessel.

Indeed, Viking Line is one of Lab.gruppen’s best customers for C Series amplifiers, due in large part to the enthusiasm for the brand of Viking Line’s AV Coordinator, Jouni Sironen, and his 16-strong team of technicians. The total inventory across the six ships currently fitted with Lab.gruppen and the new vessel to be delivered in early 2010 numbers around 200 and increases every year as old amplifiers are replaced with new Lab.gruppen ones, or new audio facilities are added. The seventh ship, the Rosella, who is the ‘Grande Dame’ of the fleet, will be entirely refitted with Lab.gruppen next year.
As Jouni explains, each ship has at least three stages plus a nightclub as well as restaurants, bars and conference areas, all of which have audio equipment. “We have about 300 amplifiers in total installed across the entire fleet. So far, around 200 are Lab.gruppens, including some that date back to the late ‘80s and are still going strong! We are progressively replacing all of our old Lab.gruppen amplifier stock with new C Series amplifiers. With the exception of the 100 or so amplifiers that are purely for public address security announcements, our aim is to have the entire fleet standardized on C Series within the next few years.”
“From a personal point of view, I’ve been a fan of Lab.gruppen products since about ’91, and I really think that their C Series amplifiers are ideally suited to our particular needs,” continued Jouni. “We are often pushed for space, so the high channel density offered by C Series is ideal for us. They have also proved an extremely reliable choice for us over the years – important when you’re at sea and access to a repair center is pretty much impossible! On the rare occasions we’ve had a problem the warranty and back-up service we’ve had has been great. Sonically the amplifiers sound fabulous, and they’ve got excellent protection, good air filtering and good-sounding limiters. I also love the Voltage Peak Limiter feature that means that you can set each individual amplifier channel to be 100 V line, 2 ohms, 8 ohm or 70 V (amongst others) at just the click of a switch. It’s like having four amplifiers in one, which obviously gives you a very attractive price/quality ratio. Like I said, the ideal choice for us!”





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