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Midas XL8 installed in Olavshallen concert hall

The first Midas XL8 Live Performance System to be installed in Norway has gone into the Olavshallen concert hall in Trondheim. Supplied by Midas’ Norwegian distribution AVAB CAC, the XL8 will be used to host a wide range of musical events at the 1,250-capacity venue.

For the last 15 years, the Olavshallen’s technical supervisor Henrik Torgersen had been working on a Midas XL3 and it was time to look at a digital system. “Having tried out lots of digital systems available on the market, there was no actual competition to the Midas XL8,” he says. “After testing a lot of digital mixers I realised the XL8 was the console which could rise to the high standards of our venue. The Olavshallen has a lot of external engineers working at the venue, and there is no time for training during each soundcheck, so it had to be a familiar surface.”

After a very quick installation into the busy venue, Torgersen put the new XL8 through its paces with the TSO classical orchestra. “I was impressed by its flexibility, not to mention the extremely clear sound it delivered,” he says. “It was as if my loudspeakers had really come alive. Whereas earlier I needed to tweak the EQ, now I have a better sound leaving the system flat. It has really revitalised our PA system in the hall.”

The 128 input/56 outputs is the third XL8 system to be sold in Norway





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