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Petõfi Theater of Sopron, Hungary, installs HK Audio System

Only 60km from Vienna, southwest of Lake Neusiedler, lies the Hungarian city of Sopron. Sopron (or Ödenburg in German) is not only a university town but also the home of HK Audio’s Hungarian distributor IFK.

Recently when the Petõfi Theater of Sopron was looking for a new sound system for the theater, they asked various vendors to conduct a system demo. Naturally IFK was among the bidders. IFK won with the HK Audio CADIS System they proposed—no surprise, as this system was developed especially for installation in theaters, trade shows, sports arenas and ballrooms.

The Petõfi Theater, with a rich tradition going back two centuries and its Vienna Secession style, is located in the middle of the Old City of Sopros and holds an audience of about 550. The program ranges far and wide from classical and modern drama to comedy and musicals. Especially due to the more modern programming, it was time to install an equally modern sound reinforcement system. The new system is made up of six HK Audio CADIS CAD 208 cabs as the center cluster, two ConTour Series CT 112 12"/1.4" mid/high units and CT 118 Subs on both the left and the right.

Supplementing this main system are four IL 8.1  8"/1" cabinets from the HK Audio Installation Line as sidefills, and four ConTour Series CT 108 loudspeaker cabinets as low-profile monitors. With their high output levels and exceptional linearity the CT 108s are especially well suited for speech reinforcement in theaters.

The system was placed into service on 19 September, 2009. According to József Pál from IFK, all parties are thrilled with its performance: “The house engineers at Theater Sopron were very actively engaged in the installation, set up and fine-tuning of the system. The theater staff and management are likewise very satisfied with it. The rich, full sound and the high level of speech intelligibility have won everyone’s heart. Nobody misses the old system. The theater administration now has us on their radar together with HK Audio, and we’re looking forward to other interesting projects we can do for them.”





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