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32 Butterflies in concert in Vietnam’s largest stadium

A Vertical Line Array Outline comprising 32 Butterfly CDH 483 Hi-Packs, supported by 16 SubTech 218, was chosen as the FOH system for “Happy New Year 2010”, a concert for 35,000 people staged in the country’s largest stadium: My Dinh National Stadium.

Sponsored by the Maritime Bank and organized by Vietnam’s VTV3 TV (also on the Web), the show attracted a vast audience thanks to performances by the country’s best-known artists: My Tam, Lam Truong, Dam Vinh Hung and Hong Nhung. A wide range of music genres was reproduced: pop, dance, hip-hop and country.
Vietnam’s Outline distributor, Fantasies Show Light of Hanoi, was also the rental company that had the task of providing and installing the Butterfly rig at My Dinh National Stadium.
The event’s FOH engineer, Mr. Nguyen The Ngoc, commented: “Among the best-known high-end line arrays, I think the Butterfly is also one of the fastest and easiest to install; its prediction software is very accurate and provides further support. I always feel very secure with this object in my hands.”
Control and power were courtesy of a Midas XL3 console, XTA processor and Outline T7 amplifiers.
Bearing in mind the number of concerts that have been scheduled for some time for the present year, Fantasies Show Light has just purchased twelve of Outline’s new Mantas, with 120° dispersion, a VLA weighing just 24 kg (52.9 pounds) mechanically compatible with the Butterfly, for front-fill applications, and able to push out 147 dB (peak SPL, 4 modules). The order also includes four Subtech 218 and ten DVS 15 (1x15” - 1x3”) multi-purpose enclosures, as well as four T7 power amplifiers.
The Vietnamese company, from January 30th, will supply the Outlinearrays to reinforce the sound at “Rockstorm 2010“, the first of a series of nine mega-concerts for the year that has just begun.
The firm’s owner, Mr. Dinh Viet Hung, stated, “VTV3 needed to ensure all-round coverage of an audience of 35,000 people, but with a loudspeaker system that was compact, due to television broadcast requirements. Fortunately, the technology incorporated in the Butterfly also manages to satisfy these aspects too, as well as those involving FOH engineers; the result is everybody is always happy. We are waiting for them to consign us the new Mantas, which are very light weight and shall be used along with the Butterflies, specially in the concerts and the numerous average sized applications, for which we are called in increasingly frequently.”





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