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MILOS on the Menu in Bangkok

A large MILOS ground support system was utilised by leading Thailand based audio designers and manufacturers, P. Audio, for the high profile launch of the new Red Ant restaurant, a popular new eatery located near Bangkok’s busy Suvarnabhumi airport.

The large 20 x 35 metre (internal stage size) structure was built from MILOS’s MR3 roofing product which was specially purchased by P. Audio for this occasion.

The total height of the completed structure was 15 metres, giving an impressive 12.5 metres of headroom, and a weight loading capacity of 17 tonnes for the hanging of lighting, sound and video production equipment. A full programme of entertainment took place on the stage to celebrate the opening night of Red Ant for the enjoyment of an invited audience.

All 4 sides of the structure can be covered by flame-proof side nets if desired, and the intention is that P. Audio will in the future use it as a theatrical and performance space to facilitate all types of events. It was supplied with a robust MILOS S3 stage decking system and CM Lodestar hoists to do all the lifting. A MILOS double-decker tower was also provided for the Red Ant launch, to serve as a dressing room and a temporary office.
A crew from P. Audio collaborated closely with Marek Zubor, chief structural engineer from MILOS Guangzhou in China, and Michal Zykan, sales manager from MILOS Czech Republic. Together they dealt with the challenges of the project, the main one being that it was rigged on an exposed site prone to high winds.

A newly designed system of discreet hidden ballasts was installed to anchor the MR3 system to the ground. This has been specially developed by MILOS to offer another alternative and a very aesthetically pleasing ballasting method that will also deal with wind speeds of up to 102km per hour - the figure to which all MILOS roof systems are rated.

The steel bases of the ballasts are attached to steel-concrete foundations under each of the towers via special chemical anchors. Apart from being highly effective, these give a neat and clean look to even the largest of structures – where the alternative would be to use approximately 6 large water tank ballasts per leg, which looks unsightly. MILOS can now apply this new methodology to any of its temporary structures.

Even though the project was an extreme challenge due to the amount of detail, planning, preparing, designing and consultations needed, the whole structure took just 4 days to erect for the first time, utilising a 12 crew who were also new to the process.

P. Audio decided to use MILOS after visiting the company in the second half of 2009 after good recommendations on the quality and reliability of the products, and also MILOS’ very competitive pricing. Once the deal was closed, the preparation started immediately on the specific structural requirements needed for the Red Ant launch event.





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