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PR Lighting are the Stars on Broadway

Situated in Irkutsk city, Broadway has been equipped with 12 XL250M moving heads and six XLED590 wash lights. The magnetic ballast version of the feature-rich XL250 is complemented by a highly-efficient optical system, making the fixture sufficiently bright for any small-to-medium sized venue such as this.

The XLED 590 uses Osram's Diamond Dragon LED, one of the world's brightest single-chip SMT LEDs, each head containing 90 high power 5W RGB LEDs. The fixtures are truss mounted over the stage and dancefloor in this privately owned, 110-capacity venue to meet a design by Dmitri Volovik, Broadway’s technical director.

PR Lighting heads were chosen for their reliability, since they would be operating seven days a week, and the fact that they met all the requirements to enrich a wide range of shows.

According to distributor Rostislav Serishev of Asia Trade Company the client liked their price/quality ratio and was impressed by the excellent flood effect of the XLED590, which provides an extremely powerful wash under the command of a Martin Pro Light Jockey.

The distributors first became involved with the venue back in 2005 when Broadway was fitted out for the first time. The venue was refurbished in 2008 when Asia Trade Music’s technical specialist, Alexey Kachin and the head of installations at ATM, Maxim Vashenko, undertook a redesign.

Dmitri Volovik is delighted with the latest upgrade, confirming that the fixtures ticked all the boxes for value and usability. “The technical characteristics are excellent, with good optics and high quality lens, which ensure a powerful light output,” he said. “On top of that the movement is smooth and noiseless, and the operation is easy.”





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