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Stagemaker Hoists for the FuturShow Station near Bologna

11 May 2010

A MILOS M950 trussing system has been permanently installed by DECIMA Italia into the newly revamped FuturShow Station venue in Casalecchio di Reno near Bologna, Italy. It is equipped with 28 Stagemaker SM10 2 tons motors for easy rigging and maintenance. Their have mainly been chosen because of their compactness and high reliability.

The building is under new management of the Sabatini Group and home to the Virtus Bologna A Series basketball team, who play all their home games there. The Sabatini Group plan to expand the general use of the venue - which can hold up to 13,000 people using mobile grandstands - to host major concerts, shows, conferences and other live sporting events. This necessitated the need for a flexible all-purpose trussing system from which to hang sound, lighting and AV equipment.

As this was such a high profile project, Bologna-based Decima Italia designed, supplied and installed the three trussing grids themselves. The main one measures 72 x 65 feet and has an impressive weight loading of 40 tons, while the two side grids each measure 39 x 13 feet, with a weight loading of eight tons. Decima Italia’s Fabio Anselmi explains that they decided on the Milops QuickTruss M950 trussing because they required a system with some serious weight loading, and this is the latest, largest and heaviest duty in the current Milos range. It offers strength and introduces great technical versatility to the FuturShow Station. The trussing was delivered to Decima Italia direct from the Milos manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, where all components are made using the highest specification materials including 60 x 6 mm (2.36-inch x .24-inch) main tubes and 32 x 3mm (1.26-inch x .12-inch) bracing spars.

The trussing is all painted black, and rigged on a total of 28 Stagemaker SM10 motors for easy rigging and maintenance. Initially, the Stagemaker SM10 chain hoist stands out by its compactness. The body of the chain hoist is in fact manufactured in injected aluminium for greater lightness. Furthermore, Verlinde is the only manufacturer in the world to design and manufacture its electric motors itself which enabled it to reduce the dimensions of the hoisting motor to the minimum and to develop it specifically to be as small as possible. "The Stagemaker SM5 chain hoist is very compact, light and easy to manoeuvre. It is well adapted to this type of application", as Mr. Anselmi told us.

Stagemaker SM10 hoists have a Class F lifting motor, an enhanced safety by load limiter, an electromagnetic disk brake, a load wheel with 5 pockets and a Chainflux chain guide system with horizontal output. They are black painted (RAL 7021) and have an ergonomic handgrip for easy transportation. "We only work with Stagemaker chain hoists as these are the most robust. They also have the advantage of being fitted as standard with safety equipment such as electromagnetic disk brakes or a torque limiter", concluded Mr. Anselmi.





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