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Norwich’s Waterfront Venue Goes VQ Live

Housed within an old brewery bottling plant building on one of the oldest streets in Norwich, The Waterfront is a hugely popular 700 capacity venue hosting over 100 live music events every year since it opened in 1993.

The venue is owned by the University of East Anglia student union, but is run as an independent business open to the general public, and open 4 or 5 nights per week – club nights at weekend, regular live gigs on week nights. Thanks to the old nature of the building (its walls are said to be over 20 inches thick) and the location, excessive noise levels aren’t something the operators need to concern themselves – which makes it one of the favourite live venues in the city, for both bands and audience, something borne out by the fact that over 1 million customers have been entertained there in nearly 17 years.

The venue has always offered something of an in-house PA system for touring acts, but recently secured funds to upgrade or replace their existing outdated system. It was at this point that Production Manager Nic Morris and the venue’s in-house engineer, Lavar Bullard, discovered Tannoy’s new VQ Live system through an encounter with Paul Nicholson of Red Square Audio, who made the recommendation to arrange a demonstration.

As a venue with such an excellent reputation, it was vital that when considering any new system it must sound right within the venue space and be capable of all types of material.  Following a demonstration, Morris and Bullard were certainly not disappointed. In fact the VQ Live system surpassed all expectations with incredible clarity, headroom and separation. Built-in amplification and processing ensures everything is matched and operating safely while removing the need for additional racks.

“Given a price point around half that of the competing systems (based on performance) it was an easy choice for us to make and combined with the excellent support from Red Square Audio we are very happy with the result,” explained Morris.

Red Square Audio’s Paul Nicholson added: “We asked Nic if we could demo VQ LIVE in The Waterfront for a few days and having seen the product specs on paper, he duly agreed. So, we installed and set up 4 tops and 6 subs and left him to it. The results were exceptional and we won the contract against some very well respected competitor systems. Not only was VQ LIVE superior across the entire audio bandwidth but its compact design and low power consumption combined to make the package quite simply unbeatable. Also, the price was considerably less than the competition and we also managed to move on their old system via Gearsource Europe. I believe we have an exceptional package in VQ LIVE to offer live music venues and rental companies alike, and it will be great to have the system used week in week out by top engineers.”





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