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Zurich's New Club Venue Features State-of-the-Art NEXO

A high-end audio-visual system has been installed at Jade, the newest addition to Zurich's nightclub and restaurant scene, featuring NEXO’s compact GEO S12 line array modules for the main dancefloor and a variety of PS cabinets around the venue.

Jade has quickly established itself as one of Zurich's top clubs. The new venue is located in an old post office. Throughout the day, it is open as a fine-dining restaurant, and on the weekend, it is transformed into a high-spec nightclub, home to national and international DJs, and a crowd of 700 guests. Such dual identity represents a relatively new fashion for Switzerland, although “such hybrid concepts are widespread in other countries”, observes owner Mario Contartese. 

Zurich-based AV integration specialist Baranday AG was chosen to handle the installation. CEO and project manager Nicola Votta is a long-time NEXO user, and was quick to specify NEXO's latest technology for the all-new venue.

The larger of Jade's two dancefloors features four clusters of two GEO S1230s, with three RS15 subs. On the second dancefloor, the same loudspeaker models are used, four S1230s with RS15 subs. Around the venue, eight PS10s provide fill, with a special PS8 system for the VIP lounge, and a couple of PS15s for the DJ monitoring. All amplification for the venue is delivered through NXAMPs.





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