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Magazzini Generali Uses Martin Lighting Equipment to Create Ground-Breaking Ambiance

Magazzini Generali is not just a high-spirited discotheque in Milan; it also serves as a concert hall and multi-functional event centre which has staged photo shoots, fashion shows, music festivals, and theater productions.

Its distinction has also been illuminated by the multiple awards it has been granted including the singular room winner at the exhibition “Italy-Japan Design as a Lifestyle,” Best Club by readers of ViviMilano Magazine, and Best Evening, “The Night of Contemporary Beat,” with the best local music and best graphic design by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The owners of Magazzini Generali were motivated to maintain a versatile ambiance to meet the multi-faceted needs of the unique venue. To accomplish this, they have entrusted the experience of world leading visual solutions company Martin Professional.

smartMAC - smart choice
The club required a lighting fixture that was fast and reliable with low power consumption and the choice fell to the Martin smartMAC. Used throughout the space, the smartMAC is an extremely bright, fanless 150W moving head luminaire offering precise image quality with economic advantages and ease of installation. Specially suited for clubs, lounges, bars and restaurants, it is appropriately silent for noise sensitive environments.

The smartMAC offers a broad spectrum of colors and allows for sharp projections at any beam angle. The ability to customize smartMAC meant Magazzini could throw their logo and images on any surface. Most impressive, due to the low power consumption and low maintenance design, operation costs are reduced.

More Martin
Another dazzling effect is created by two LC Series LED panels which decorate the front of the DJ booth. The semi-transparent modular system is perfect for displaying video, light and images. It is extremely easy to install and its alluring effect causes any backdrop to come alive.

As a small but powerful fixture with variable effects was required for use by guest lighting designers, the club decided on the feature-rich MAC 250 Entour. To complete the lighting design, Martin Atomic 3000 strobes and a Jem K1 Hazer provide an explosive pulse of energy coupled with a canopy of haze to create a sensational dreamlike experience.

The lighting concept for the club was created by Vio, technical manager of Magazzini Generali, working with Paolo Albani of Martin Professional Italy.

Trend setting
Magazzini Generali is not just a dance club, bar, or concert hall; it is a cultural center where art, design, fashion, music and theater are blended together to set trends and bring international communities together. There was no better choice than to use Martin Professional lighting equipment to meet its comprehensive needs.

Timo Maas, Sven Vath, Dimitri From Paris, Cassius, Ivan Smagghe, Carl Craig, Tim Baker, Felix da Housecat and Deep Dish are just a few of the world renown DJs who frequent the club. Over the course of ten years Magazzini Generali has hosted musical and theatrical artists such as The Ark, Lucio Dalla, Pelù, Antonello Venditti, Monica Guerritore, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Pino Daniele and The Calling.

Lighting equipment:

6 x smartMAC
6 x MAC 250 Entour
3 x Atomic 3000

3 x Mania EFX 600
2 x LC Series 2140
1 x Jem K1 Hazer

1 x LightJockey 2






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