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Lighthouse has Georgia on its Mind

Built in 1971, the 2000-capacity Philharmonic Concert Hall in the Georgian capital Tbilisi hosts many of the city’s highest profile live concerts, operas, ballets and theatre productions. Recently the venue has undergone a major facelift, which has included the installation of a large exterior Lighthouse LED screen.

Ironically, the iconic circular, glass-fronted design of the Philharmonic Concert Hall gives it the appearance of a giant version of the top of a real lighthouse, so it is particularly fitting that Lighthouse LED panels were chosen to add a completely new dimension to the building’s exterior.

Located above the venue’s main doors, the screen comprises 63 panels of Lighthouse P12-ER screen, in a 9 x 7 panel (14.4 9(w) x 8.4m (h)) landscape format. It is mounted on a steel framework, which was designed and installed by local company Stage Design, with Lighthouse Europe installing the screen itself.

“The Concert Hall’s management had seen Lighthouse P12-ER panels at other installations and knew about its tremendous potential as an advertising medium,” says Lighthouse project engineer Olaf Mineo, who oversaw the installation together with Lighthouse colleague Matteo Serone.

“They were also very impressed with the screen quality and colour reproduction, In addition, they understood that P12-ER has unrivalled price / performance ratio for the outdoor signage market.”

Initially, the screen is being used to advertise productions being staged at the venue, but negotiations are currently ongoing for it to be used to display advertisements and information from other sources.

“At the moment, everything is being done in-house,” says Olaf. “But decisions are currently being taken as to the best form of control and content streaming, so the Concert Hall can derive as much benefit from the screen as possible, both by advertising its own productions and renting advertising space on the screen to other companies.”





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