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Proel Audio Installation for ChiMiama Restaurant

ChiMiama has recently opened at the former Mercedes Headquarters in Piazza Kennedy, not far from Milan's Trade Fair Center, Fiera Milano. ChiMiama is a new restaurant stretching over a wide open space where Proel was called to design and install a professional audio system.

It is not only a restaurant, but a new and revolutionary concept: four gastronomic islands offering specialties from different cuisines and lots of happenings during the day, from breakfast to the after dinner.

The necessity imposed by the aesthetic choices combined with the need for quality sound led to the request of high-performance professional products.

Each area of ChiMiama feature 18 wide band EDGE25PW loudspeakers, hung on the walls or on the pillars, combined with two SMART SMTV15SA subwoofers.

The whole system is electronically controlled by a SOURCE an AMIX4Z 4-zone mixer and an active AS025 crossover combined with a Powersoft DIGAM Q3002 4-channel power amplifier for background music as well as for service communications. The new Powersoft ARMONIA software allows remote control of the entire system.

Proel's AVL Systems Team, that specializes in the design of audio, video and lighting solutions and their installation, took care of the whole project.

All cabling and wiring was carried out by Milan's Tecnoesse in accordance with regulations contained in articles 5 and 6 of Italian Ministerial Decree 37/08.

The great quality of the audio system together with the capacity of the location (250 seats in the restaurant area and 90 seats in the meeting hall, which also features a wide screen) allows this innovative location to organize events and conventions. ChiMiama’s bar and relaxation area also hosts music events of different kinds.





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