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Bluestone Bar Opens its Doors in Ballarat Victoria

The Bluestone Bar recently opened its doors in the ever-growing town of Victoria’s Ballarat and the club is certainly an aesthetic delight in every respect. The venue, entombed within a heritage blue stone building, has been designed with an air of sophistication and class that would rival any bar in Australia.

Comprised of three levels, the Bluestone Bar boasts a dedicated nightclub level on the basement floor, a bar setup throughout the middle level and an upper loft providing a more relaxed lounge atmosphere and a space for private functions. Each level exudes its own flavour whilst following a modern and moody lighting theme compounded with stunning modern decor and an exceptional sound system. 

Melbourne’s Pro Light and Sound team were asked to come in and design a solution that would really get the punters talking (and that they did). Pro Light’s Systems Designer Jonathan Sinclair designed three systems, one for each level whilst being mindful of the strict constraints due to the building’s heritage status. The owners of the venue were also very particular in terms of what they required sonically as Project Manager Stav Hatzipantelis notes: “Nexo and Quest components were chosen for their ability to deliver high quality audio levels without leaking out of the venue.  Quality was paramount as the venue is in a regional area and can't afford to have any down time.”

The system on the basement level was comprised of 4 x Nexo PS10’s (2 flown per side), 2 x Quest QM108’s, 2 x LS600’s all powered by Camco DPower amplifiers.

The middle and top levels were each fitted with their own system; each including 2 x Nexo PS10’s (1 flown per side), 8 x Quest QM108’s and 2 x QM212S subs; all driven by QM100P amplifiers.

Bluestone Bar owner Gary Browning was extremely pleased with the final result as he remarked on the sound of the venue. “It sounds excellent on each of the three levels. The sound is very even and clear, I am really happy with it.”





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