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Martin Lighting Flexibility Shines at Talking Stick Resort

Martin dealer Clearwing Productions, Inc. was contracted by Casino Arizona to design and develop a performance lighting and rigging system for the new showroom at the Talking Stick Resort & Casino in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Clearwing chose Martin MAC 700 Profile, MAC 700 Wash and MAC 250 Entour moving heads along with MX-10 Extreme moving mirrors for performance lighting during live event productions and also for nightly club effect lighting throughout the multi-use venue. Also used are Martin FiberSource CMY150 fibre optic illuminators to power a backdrop fibre drape.

Throughout the 3 month design and engineering process, Clearwing developed an extensive infrastructure for both the lighting and motor system that is expandable and forward thinking to meet the needs of the Casino for years to come. Completed in July 2010, all Martin lighting gear was supplied locally by Clearwing with lighting design by Clearwing personnel.

“We chose the Martin products for the wide range of available fixtures in their product line - from the 150 watt fixtures to 700 watt fixtures we're using, there's something for every application,” stated Clearwing design and build manager Daniel Gourley. “The CMY mixing and animation wheels are a very nice tool for lighting designers to work with in this space. Also, the speed at which the 700's move is great for dynamic shows that will be present in this space for years to come. Everything is working great with no problems at all.”

The Martin gear is located in a motorised rigging system on five main lighting trusses. Included in the design scope of the project was the ability for the system to convert to a nightclub space with minimum effort and maximum control and effectiveness.

Casino Arizona’s Ray Rodriguez has been very happy with the install. He commented, “From the very beginning the level of professionalism encountered with the staff of Clearwing Productions and their skills and abilities were apparent. They have assisted us in creating one of the most dynamic and user-friendly systems available today.”





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