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FBT and Kempton Serenade Marina Country Club

At the end of a pleasant drive along a country landscaped road is the Marina Country Club, Singapore, an extraordinary place where people can relax, dine, unwind, chill out, wakeboard or participate in sea sport activities and get overwhelmed by endless hours of fun and play.

Marina Country Club’s Marina Operations is the largest boats storage area in Asia. It can host up to more than 500 boats in full operations and is the only private marina in Singapore that has a 70 ton Big Travel-Lift and two units of seven ton big Giant Marina Bull to launch boats in and out of the water within a few minutes. From fast pumping water-skiing and wakeboarding to spectacular diving trips to the serenity of deep-sea fishing and unforgettable sunset cruise – there is something for every sun and sea enthusiast.

Located at Marina Country Club, the newly opened Beer Garden, operated by Horkomo Pier Bar, together with the Great Atlantis Seafood Restaurant which serves giant garoupers weighing up to over 200kg (speciality of chef-owner Johnny Tan), Sakura Buffet Restaurant (Singapore’s largest Charcoal Grille & Shabu Shabu Restaurant), Ponggol Hock Kee Seafood Restaurant (Singapore’s pioneer seafood restaurant), and 8-Ball Family Karaoke Lounge, offers a picturesque and tranquil setting for dining and bonding with friends and family.

The committee in charge of the sound system installation at Horkomo Pier Bar evaluated various options, before selecting FBT and Kempton pro audio equipment to deliver the concert sound effects for its patrons and guests. The sound system is designed and installed by Mr Victor Chiam from Aexxus Incorporation, one of Singapore’s leading system integrator. Victor has always recommended FBT and Kempton professional audio equipment for its reliable quality and clarity in sound reproduction.

Mr Derrick Ong (PBM), General Manager of Marina Country Club, is very pleased with the sound system installation. The sound reproduction is superb and the guests of Marina Country Club are able to dine at the Great Atlantis Seafood Restaurant and enjoy the serenade from the Beer Garden.

The main system uses two FBT HiMaxX 40 passive speakers (500W 8ohm - 127dB SPL) as FOH, with two FBT Verve 18S passive subwoofer (1200W – 4ohm- 129dB SPL). Two FBT MaxX 2 (250W 8ohm - 121dB SPL) passive sound reinforcement  monitors act as delay speakers to supplement the coverage and provide constant sound distribution for the outdoor area up to the pier. While the stage area uses two Kempton GT12A (200W+50W RMS, 12-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter) active sound reinforcement monitors. The whole system is powered by a KDA2402 (RMS 950W x 2 @ 8ohm) FOH power amplifier, a KA3002 (RMS 950W x 2 @ 8ohm) subwoofer power amplifier, and a KA1202 (RMS 350Wx2 @ 8ohm) delay speaker power amplifier.

When asked about the choice of amplifiers and speakers, Victor commented, “Kempton’s new series of power amplifiers deliver impressive power output, promising good value for money, and is therefore, a better choice compared to other brand names in the market. FBT’s HiMaxX and MaxX series are good gas-injection polypropylene moulded speakers which produce good constant directivity, great coverage and efficiency in the mid frequencies and lower distortion. I am impressed by the FBT Verve 18S Sub, as the bass can be easily felt even from a distance of 25 meter away. ”

All speakers are angled to ensure that no double sound or overlay are detected at all areas. Time alignment is one of the tricky parts in balancing the sound distribution for the both the Indoor and outdoor areas of the Beer Garden.

The most challenging part in the installation is the relatively low ceiling and hard-surface stage floor and partition walls that are bad in acoustics, resulting in a lot of reflection from stage wall to the concrete floor. Thick backdrop curtains are put up on stage wall and round the partition corners to minimise sound trap and reflexion.  As the Beer Garden faces the marina, the outdoor delay speakers, FBT MaxX2 need to be treated with a layer of weather-shield silicon spray on the 10-inch woofer cone and a layer of 5mm foam is added to defuse the impact of direct rain.
The FBT and Kempton professional audio equipment were supplied by M/s Meditec Trader Pte Ltd.





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