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Proel in the Spotlight in Sardinia

Proel liven up the nightlife in Sardinia with new installations in some very famous venues in the San Teodoro area.

After choosing them for the Bal Harbour Restaurant and the Ripping Discotheque, Quadra Luce and Design again thought of Proel for the audio of three new important venues on the Riviera: Ambra Night, Ambra Day and Luna Glam Club.

Ambra Night, 20 metres from the sea, is definitely a point of reference for  Sardinian nightlife. The venue features the famous gazebo-shaped dancefloor which now hosts a 20,000W Proel set up composed of four Edge 218SP subs, two Edge C210P96 satellites, eight Edge 25PB satellites, four Edge 112SP subs, two Powersoft K3 amplifiers and one Powersoft LD3004 amplifier.

Ambra Day, situated in a large 6,000 sq metre park in the centre of San Teodoro, is one of the most charming and picturesque Meeting Bars in Italy. It continuously hosts music festivals and live performances and can now count on four TFL12 satellites and two PRL950 amplifiers.

Luna Glam Club is one of the most chic discotheques in San Teodoro: it is an exclusive club, with a splendid view of the sea, and elegant interiors designed by AFA Arredamenti. This location is particularly suited for parties and fashion shows, and is divided into two areas, one indoors and one outdoors with a panoramic terrace. Its sound system features 14 Edge C65P customised white colour loudspeakers, 12 Edge 112SP subs, eight Edge 218SP subs, 10 TFL12 satellites, 14 Edge 25PB satellites, four TFL15 subs, two Powersoft K3 amplifiers, four Powersoft 3004 amplifiers and six PRL950 amplifiers.

Once more, Nicola Linzalone, of Quadra Luce and Design, is very pleased and said: "We have more projects in store for Proel. Our partnership is now consolidated, since we know we can trust the high quality of their products and the competence of their technical support."





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