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Adamson Arrives at Grand Central Miami

Grand Central is a booming club, directly south of Miami’s infamous Park West club district. Grand Central offers its patrons a complete experience with live music, club DJs and corporate events. The 10,000 sq ft venue can hold approximately 1,200 people inside and 300 on its loft.

Grand Central's technical consultants, the Miami based Beachsound, had demoed and looked at various high end systems from other vendors, but chose the Canadian based Adamson Systems. Beach Sound had initially become familiar with Adamson while touring the globe and was impressed with the brand's performance. Their decision for Adamson was swayed by the demo held by Adamson's Director of Marketing & Sales, Jesse Adamson.

The presentation showcased Adamson’s solid system components and the high SPL they reached while maintaining tone with undistorted clarity, all of which are conveniently packaged in a small format cabinet. The client was also awed by Adamson’s Applications Engineer Ewan McDonald who not only executed the system set-up and tuning, but took the time to expand on Adamson's approach to sound philosophy, and its application for the specific venue.

Adamson provided Grand Central with: 8 x Metrix, 2 x Metrix W's, 8 x Metrix Subs, 2 x T21 Subs, 2 x Point 12's, 2 x Point 15s, 3 x Point 215s, a single M212 wedges, and 4 M12 wedges.

“Working with Adamson’s team was fantastic. Their attention to every detail and willingness to go above and beyond the clients expectations really made it a phenomenal experience for everyone. The system and its design works exceptionally well in this venue” says Paolo Mangones, Beachsound Account Executive.

The sound design was executed by consultant Titus Woodham , Grand Central’s Technical Director, with input provided by Adamson's Design team. “Our room will shake you to the core!” said Titus. “The Metrix arrays are exceptionally responsive all the way from the meaty low mids to the crispness at the top.”

“Amazing how such a small box can deliver such clarity across the entire spectrum while maintaining a full sound,” he added.

There are a few snags still to be worked out as the venue's concrete industrial design produces some serious reflective surfaces. The design team is currently working on architectural elements which will clean up the room sound to achieve the club's full potential.

The main PA is flown, with the T21 subs placed on the ground. The rest are used as stage monitors and various zone fills as a part of their design. The entire system is powered with Lab.gruppen amplifiers and processed with XTA's. "Grand Central is extremely satisfied with the clarity, tone and power the system provides for the venue" concludes Woodham.





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