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Intimidator Spots a New Vibe

CHAUVET recently revealed the inclusion of its lighting fixtures in new nightclub. On a stretch of tony Las Olas Boulevard in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., is a newly opened nightclub called Vibe. It’s situated on the same block as its sister location, the restaurant YOLO, sharing the same upscale clientele, brick driveway and valet service.

They also share the same owner, restaurateur Tim Petrillo of The Restaurant People. Six Intimidator Spot 250 moving heads and four COLORdash Quad wash lights can be found inside adding character and colour to the dance floor.

“Moving lights get people moving,”said Karen Hanlon, president of Karen Hanlon Design, Inc. “Moving lights create energy. They have great flexibility and fill the dance floor and add spark and energy to the space.”

The interior sports boldly-coloured red walls in a faux alligator finish, banquettes covered in geometric black and white fabric, and a back wall lined with three-dimensional, white bulbous shapes of the female form lit by cool, blue lighting. Across from the banquettes, in the opposite corner, is a DJ booth and between the two, the dance floor. Overhead are tiles cut with geometric shapes interspersed with white and red glass drops - also reminiscent of the female form - which are illuminated blue. The ten CHAUVET fixtures dot this landscape.

Vibe takes up residence in the bottom corner of a high-rise office building in Ft. Lauderdale’s business district. The front has a perpendicular opening with access to the bar, and offers outside seating for the bar as well as around the fire pit - both street side. The front of the nightclub is festooned with more of the white bulbous architectural detailing, mirroring the inside. These structures, the awning above and the outdoor fire pit are all lit with colour-changing lights.  

“Lighting was everything,” Hanlon said of the nightclub’s design. “We wanted it to be a beacon, drawing people to it. We wanted to transform the look of it with colour, to be able to keep changing the look of the place like a billboard.”

Sound and Lighting Solutions specified the CHAUVET fixtures as well as the other units incorporated into the overall design of the nightclub. Jay Krause of Sound and Lighting Solutions said he chose the Intimidator Spot 250 moving heads because they are “the most cost effective and have a three-facet prism and slot-n-lock gobos for quick changes.”

Intimidator Spot 250 moving yoke fixture is ideal for small, permanent installations and comes with a gas discharge lamp for a large and extremely bright output. It also includes a pan and tilt lock for safe transport and slot-n-lock gobos and colours for customised effects. COLORdash Quad is a stackable wash light with RGB colour mixing from four blocks of nine high-power LEDs.





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