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The Sky’s the Limit for Apex at Altitude

Located on the top floor of London’s Millbank Tower, venue Altitude London offers superb panoramic views of the city and beyond, adding an extra dimension to corporate and private events. With four separate spaces able to host a variety of functions, keeping noise levels down is a priority. This has been solved by the installation of four Apex Audio Argos units.

“We host a wide range of events, which often involve DJs, bands and presentations,” says Altitude audio visual manager Jonjo Glynn. “Of course, these have the capacity to create large amounts of noise, so keeping levels under control is very important to ensure that both the adjacent rooms and floors below are not disturbed by both our own and visiting PA systems.”

Frequently described as the most natural sounding and smoothest leveller available, the Apex Argos prevents audio systems from producing excessive sound levels, but without producing unwanted sound degradation.

Using a (provided) measurement microphone, line inputs, or the PA system’s amplifier inputs as a level measurement reference, the Argos unit’s unique servo loop circuit smoothly lowers the levels in an extremely natural sounding way if audio levels go above the pre-set limit.

Argos features concealed, tamper-proof set-up controls, a choice of A-weighted or C-weighted filters and also a ‘fast’ operation option, for situations where loudspeaker protection is required.

“We had previously worked with other limiting systems that physically cut out the signal when the limit is exceeded, but these were not suited to our purpose,” says Jonjo. “We were attracted to the Argos units for their reputation of maintaining audio fidelity and their flexible limitation options.”

Supplied by the Apex UK Distributor RED SQUARE AUDIO, four units were installed one in each of Altitude’s main rooms by the venue’s in-house AV team, and they have proved such a success that the venue is considering installing them in other spaces.

“We are very happy with the performance of the Argos units,” says Jonjo. “So much so that we are looking to add them to our other venues, the Millbank Media Centre and the River Room, in the near future.”





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