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Staples Center Just Got Brighter

The bright spot in the United States for sports and entertainment venues just got a little brighter.  Along with a brand new, state-of-the-art Panasonic LIVE 4HD scoreboard, Staples Center added a significant inventory of 44 VARI*LITE automated luminaries supplied by Epic Production Technologies.

Looking to add to the 12 VL3000 Spot luminaries Epic supplied a few years ago, Staples Center wanted to replace the 48 Par Can fixtures that were previously mounted under the scoreboard and they chose 16 of the award-winning, LED-based VLX Wash luminaires. To round out the new rig, 16 VL3500 Wash fixtures and 12 additional VL3000 Spot fixtures were also added.

“The VLX Wash fixtures read extremely well. Along with great output and tremendous colour temperature control, they work incredible for the 120 televised sporting events that Staples Center hosts each year,” said Lee Zeidman, Staples Center General Manager. “The low power consumption was also a big deciding factor. By replacing 48,000 watts of Par Cans with only 16 840-watt VLX Wash fixtures to reduce consumption to only 13,440 watts, it was a no-brainer.”  

Brian Konechny, Executive Vice President of Epic, added “The new inventory lends a lot of capability for their specialty lighting needs. Both Epic and Philips Vari-Lite are proud to be valued suppliers to Staples Center as they are always at the forefront of entertainment technologies.”

Staples Center is home to four professional sports teams and with these lighting additions, they will all be getting an exciting element to incorporate into their pre-game introduction shows and in-game promotions. Staples Center is also looking forward to utilising the power and expansive colour palette of the VL3500 Wash luminaire to saturate the arena and ice in any colour possible.





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