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Robert Juliat at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Robert Juliat provided the big guns for two big occasions when its largest followspots were specified for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

The events were of truly Olympic proportions and demanded the giants of the Robert Juliat range, the mighty Lancelot 4000W HTI and Cyrano 2500W HMI followspots.

Lighting designer, Koert Vermeulen, Principal Designer at ACT Lighting Design, chose Robert Juliat followspots based on his previous experience with the fixtures. “I have recommended Robert Juliat on almost all of my big productions. I chose the Lancelot and Cyrano for the Youth Olympic Games based on a combination of past performance and on the photometrics data.”

No fewer than eight Lancelots and six Cyranos were supplied by Production Resource Group (PRG), with Showtec Communications Pte Ltd of Singapore coming to the rescue with an additional Cyrano provided at short notice.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies took place at The Float at Marina Bay, set against the spectacular backdrop of the Marina Bay and the Marina Bay Sands hotel. At 120m long and 83m wide The Float stage is the world’s largest floating platform; this, together with the 220m wide by 30m deep main stage formed the impressive arena upon which 7000 youths performed to an audience of 27,000 spectators.

Created by Singaporeans and aimed at the young audience, the show celebrated the aspirations of a young nation and the determination of the young athletes gathered for the Games.  A world-class international team of technical experts, including Vermeulen, helped bring the show to life.

PRG’s Senior On Site Manager & Project Manager, Laurent de la Haye, also approves of Robert Juliat Lancelot and Cyrano fixtures for the features and reliability they provide and is a great advocate of the Lancelot claiming: “It is the best followspot I have ever worked with. Also, I am extremely happy with the after-sales support we received from Robert Juliat, even on the other side of the globe!”





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