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Poppy Collection

May / June 2008

Next door to Rum Jungle and also part of Trend Matrix Enterprises' array of KL venues is Poppy Collection. Envisaged as a multi-dimensional entertainment complex, the 35,000 sq ft venue comprises Poppy Garden, Havanita Cigar Wine Lounge, The Caf

Poppy Garden is an airy, open courtyard with attached ‘party pool’. The area can deliver a music fare of popular R&B to a capacity crowd of 1,500.

The split-level Passion Club is situated above the Havanita lounge. Here, house and trance music predominate, catering for more sophisticated clubbers. This elongated, LED-lit living room concept contains two iluminated glass bars serving to a capacity crowd of up to 300. The area’s 3,000 sq ft floor space includes a long open balcony that overlooks the Poppy Garden.

All these clubbing spaces are connected with the intention of providing a seamless experience of entertainment and variety, explains the founder of Trend Matrix Enterprises (TME), legendary KL club entrepreneur Ronnie Choong. “The Collection concept was also conceptualised as a ‘collective defence’ concept to counter the attraction from other potential clubbing district coming up around KL,” he says.

Not surprisingly one of the initial challenges for TME in realising such a multi faceted venture was deciding on appropriate AV technology. All potential distributor / suppliers wanted to do a total install but, even though prices were very high, none seemed to offer a differing sound characters for each of the different areas.

TME’s preference at that time was to fix Passion (the house music area) with a proven system for such application. They were then approached by an industry newcomer who suggested a d&b system. An agreement was reached, Passion became the new reference venue for d&b in KL and TME have been more than pleased with it ever since. “It’s very furious and able to cover the room well,” says Choong. They assert that Passion is still the forefront of house music in KL - a position that may soon be challenged with the recent opening of another pure house venue in the city.

In the other areas of the Poppy Collection there is a range of Nexo PS 8s (Havanita and Bar Mandalay) and a full range of Nexo PS 15s, PS Extenders and LS 1200 subs to cover Poppy Garden. For lighting there are five Sanyo Projectors and a range of PR Lighting moving heads and well-positioned pin spots installed throughout.

Excluding Passion, most of the systems are hooked to the centrally located control room with localised capability to reinforce the Multi Dimensional concept of the whole venue. All in all there are four locations where the DJs can be set up and two locations for the staging of live music. This was a pioneering technical innovation in KL, providing a new level of integration for an entire entertainment complex. Also, since many afternoon functions are held at Poppy Collection, there is a variety of separate systems for easy plug and play to accommodate the different areas.

Erected less than one year ago, the latest addition in TME’s ongoing quest for uniqueness is a 35-foot high canopy over the central dance floor as an extension to Poppy Garden. Branded as the ‘R&B Kingdom’ and further adding to the Phase II extension, they have just opened the 25-metre swimming pool abutting the dance floor, enabling their patrons to come prepared for cool nocturnal drenchings. As Ronnie Choong declares, “Without uniqueness, how can one be outstanding in this field?”

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)





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