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May / June 2008


Located in the five star Grand Millennium Hotel, Pulse-Ultraclub is KL%u2019s leading hotel night club.

The concept for the venue originated from the Grand Millennium’s own team - they visualised a club where cosmopolitan KLiens could party to a mix of live music from international bands and top DJs.

Entering Pulse for the first time, it appears to be a small(ish) venue, but passing through its discrete, angular thoroughfares, the club’s full immensity is revealed. And this is why the club is so different: architecturally, Pulse forms a V shape including a broad and spacious sky terrace overlooking one of the busiest streets in KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang, located right in the middle of KL’s renowned Golden Triangle.

Pulse can accommodate up to 400 in the disco and live band area, with a further 200 on the Sky Terrace Area and 50 more in the Champagne Room. The target clientele for the club? An A-class elite-executive business crowd who prefer to party in KL city.

Pulse took about 18 months to design and construct. From the old hotel structure, the architects had to create a new area in which Pulse could exist. Acoustically the first major challenge was to devise an audio system that jived well with the angular architecture of the club but would not be so overpowering that it would disturb guests in the hotel rooms located in the neighbouring upper floors. Marcus Ch’ng, COO of Dynamix Sound & Light Production Sdn Bhd, oversaw the install.

“Another big challenge was to get all the cabling for power, audio, lighting and visual system synchronized and lined correctly because the construction site changed so frequently in term of space limitation and site condition, so we had to work very closely with the designers and hotel team almost on a daily basis,” he says.

Giant Prodisplay screens throughout Pulse not only project images outwards, to attract the attention of the passsers-by on the street, but also inwards so customers inside can catch their favorite sports channels. LEDs of course feature heavily in the club. An interactive LED wall panel acts as a band backdrop and all tables are laced with RGB LEDs to enhance the clubbing experience.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


2 x Robe 250CT Clubspot; 2 x Robe 250DJXT scanner; 1 x Robe 512 lighting controller; 1 x generic green laser system 100mW; 8 x Samsung 32” LCD TV; 1 x Philips 42” Plasma TV

4 x Coda Audio K12 full range speaker; 4 x Coda Audio PW118 sub bass speaker; 2 x Coda Audio PW115 sub bass speaker; 4 x Coda Audio K189 full range speaker; 2 x Coda Audio K4 full range speaker; 2 x Coda Audio K5 full range speaker; 1 x Coda Audio AC24VS controller; 1 x Camco Tecton amp; 1 x Rane SM26 splitter; 1 x Klark Teknik Square One dynamics; 2 x Nexo PS8 full range speaker; 1 x Nexo LS500 sub bass speaker; 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000MKIII CD player; 1 x Pioneer DJM 600 mixer;





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