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Heritage Mansion

Opened in a stately old mansion house less than six months ago, Heritage Mansion caters to a more fashionable, jet-setting crowd.

“Served by your very own butlers and French-maids. The ‘door bitches’ or ‘Gate Keepers’ are no longer just the ladies who make the reservations but the ‘Mansion Mistresses’ who control the crowd,” says the promotional material. Despite all this mondo*dr somehow managed to gain entry.

According to William Ng, founder and CEO of Asian Heritage Row (the most successful new entertainment hub in KL and the location for the club), “The aim of the Heritage Mansion is to provide a different lifestyle space for the social scene.”

The concept initially arose three years ago and was intended to provide KL’s discerning clientele with an outdoor / indoor destination featuring the latest house music and a nice marine fish aquarium area for dining. Until the advent of Heritage Mansion, there had been no entertainment venue in town with such a level of exclusivity.

From conception to completion took about two years. The biggest obstacles in reconstruction were in restoring five pre WW II houses from their deteriorating condition while at the same time maintaining a sense of ever-so-slightly dilapidated decadence. Marcus Ch’ng, COO of Dynamix told mondo*dr that most of the structure was prefabricated from the ground up, but the overall look still remains the same.

With a floor space of 10,000 sq ft at the ground level and another 6,000 sq ft upstairs, the technology installed at Heritage Mansion is divided across a series of rooms which each required different moods. After their successful debut in KL’s Rum Jungle, CODA Audio speakers were chosen for their rich sparkling highs and all-round sound quality.

For the lighting element, Dynamix opted for Robe moving heads and scanners – won over by their reliability and impressive feature set. The main dance area and DJ area has an array of CODA speakers and Robe fixtures. The gold lounge has a much cosier feeling and is fitted with LED wash lights and smaller CODA speakers.

The Heritage Mansion accommodates different entertainment and dining needs at different times of the day and night. The Heritage Garden in the courtyard serves after-work drinks with an accompaniment of live acoustic performances plus acoustic bands and comedy evenings depending on the night. Sunday barbecue brunches start as early as 12.00 noon for discerning groups and family members.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


2 x Robe 250CT Clubspot; 2 x Robe 250DJXT scanner; 1 x Robe 512 lighting controller; 1 x generic green laser system 100mW; 8 x Samsung 32” LCD TV; 1 x Philips 42” Plasma TV

4 x Coda Audio K12 full range speaker; 4 x Coda Audio PW118 sub bass speaker; 2 x Coda Audio PW115 sub bass speaker; 4 x Coda Audio K189 full range speaker; 2 x Coda Audio K4 full range speaker; 2 x Coda Audio K5 full range speaker; 1 x Coda Audio AC24VS controller; 1 x Camco Tecton amp; 1 x Rane SM26 splitter; 1 x Klark Teknik Square One dynamics; 2 x Nexo PS8 full range speaker; 1 x Nexo LS500 sub bass speaker; 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000MKIII CD player; 1 x Pioneer DJM 600 mixer;





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