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May / June 2008

Kuala Lumpur

One venue that explores the potential of KL's suburban areas is Bamboo, part of a complex that includes Fidel%u2019s Cuban tapas and cigar bar and Breeze cafe and lounge.

Zoltan Gucsa and Jackie Cheng had been thinking of creating such a place for some years and in early 2007 finally began developing a solid concept. Having been key players in the KL entertainment / clubbing scene for a long time they had a lot of ideas.

Zoltan told mondo*dr that they wanted to create a very trendy very contemporary night-club in the suburbs that lived up to the expectations of even the pickiest KL club connoisseur.

I would be something with a lot of flavour and quality in all aspects (sound, light, interior, drinks), aiming at a very broad spectrum of consumers.

Opened less than one year ago, the club’s construction started in March 2007 and was completed just three months later.

The duo selected TurboSound because they wanted a really good bass sound and decided on QSC amps and XTA processor units having had previous experience with both in other outlets. For lighting the choice was ROBE – chosen for their price to quality.

Reliability and service being the key issue, Dynamix Sound & Light Production took care of the install and keep the system maintained.

“It’s a rather small space,” remarks Zoltan. “We had to save space wherever we could. The two double 18” Sub Bass units were actually ‘pushed’ under the console to save dance floor space. Another issue was the low ceiling height. A clever bare-ceiling design helped to make it more ‘lofty’ so most of the sound and lighting equipment is mounted right up into the concrete ceiling.”

Even though Bamboo is not such a large venue - it has a capacity of just 200 - the entire complex is interesting because instead of opting for just one audio manufacturer, there are different systems in each area.

TurboSound in Bamboo, Bose in Fidel’s and Nexo in Breeze carefully selected by Navin of Street Productions as the ideal system to meet the specific requirements of each particular area.

Located at TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail) Plaza, Bamboo has the good fortune to be located just within a zone that allows them to stay open until 3am.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


BAMBOO: 4 x Robe Light 250AT; 1 x Night Sun 250; 1 x Martin Light Jockey; 1 x UBS Control Panel
BREEZE: 1 x Night Sun1200; 1 x Night Sun analogue

BAMBOO: 4 x Turbosound TXD 151; 2 X Turbosound TXD 218; 4 x Turbosound 80.2; 3 x QSC PLX 3602 amp; 1 x XTA DP226; 1 x Pioneer DJM 800; 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3; 1 x Pioneer Headphone; 1 x AKG mic
BREEZE: 2 x Nexo Ps15; 2 x Nexo Ls1200 subwoofer; 2 x Crest Audio amp; 1 x Pioneer DJM200; 2 x Pioneer CDJ200
FIDEL’S: 4 x Bose System 302; 2 x Mk Land Subwoofer S118; 2 x QSE PLX 3102; 1 x Pioneer DJM 200; 2 x Pioneer CDJ 200





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