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May / June 2008

Kuala Lumur

KL's most recently opened venue is so new the cement was still drying on the dance floor when we ventured in for a photo session just three days before the grand opening.

SPACE was conceived and created by Sebastian Haegel. Originally from Strasbourg, Haegel is an accomplished veteran of hotel and club management. His first major achievement in KL was establishing the legendary Beach Club, another venue in Ronnie Choong’s string of popular venues in the city.

SPACE is the newest addition to Haegel’s bevy of bars, clubs and restaurants in and around KL. He’s a partner of Ronnie Choong’s and managing director of FLAM’S Inc, which includes the Loft clubbing and dining complex.

The concept for SPACE was simple: strictly house tunes only. After observing the lack of mid sized pure house club in KL, Haegel decided to convert a Chinese restaurant attached to his Loft clubbing complex. With long experience and knowledge in club management, SPACE was brought from conception to completion in just three months.

The decision made for selecting appropriate technology for their latest venture was based on sound and lighting quality, local supply availability, after sales service and software flexibility. With most of the club being built in concrete - including flooring, tables, benches and DJ console - the biggest challenge they faced was in integrating the interior LED lighting within the 4000 sq ft structure.

The Robe fixtures, Multicolor Laser System and generic LEDs are controlled by four computers, two of which use Robe Cybercue Software installed by Dynamix Sound & Light Production. The Robe Fixtures perfectly compliment the generic LEDs at SPACE. Technologically SPACE is unique because, throughout the whole club, DMX controlled LEDs are zoned to achieve evenly balanced and dynamic lighting levels.

Having more than adequately satisfying the throngs at KL’s ever popular institution, Beach Club, L’Acoustics Arc series speakers was chosen for the club’s sound system.

Located in KL’s Golden Triangle at Asian Heritage Row, a relatively new clubbing area in KL that is decidedly more trendy and up market than the Pinang Street strip, SPACE can accommodate a crowd of 350 and is targeted at young and mid aged clubbers who are ‘driven by house music’.

SPACE atmospherically distinguished itself with minimal concrete interiors, silver cushion finishing and fare of pure house music in a city where hip-hop and R&B predominate.

(Words & Pics: Jimmie Wing)


8 x Robe Clubspot 250CT; 2 x Robe Clubwash 250CT; 4 x Robe Clubscan 250CT scanner; 2 x HungaroFlash Euro DMX 2500W strobe; 1 x Laser Show System 600MW RGB; 1 x Look Viper 2.6NT smoke machine; 1 x Generic RGB LED Lights;
2 x Robe Cybercue lighting software; 1 x Phoenix Laser System software; 1 x LED Wall System software; 15 x BenQ 17” LCD monitor; 1 x Visual Distribution amp

4 x L-Acoustic ARCS top; 2 x L-Acoustic SB28 sub; 1 x L-Acoustic DV-sub; 1 x L-Acoustic LA4; 1 x L-Acoustic LA8; 4 x L-Acoustic 8XT top; 4 x L-Acoustic 12XT top; 2 x L-Acoustic 15P sub; 3 x RCF S4012 sub; 2 x L-Acoustic LA4; 4 x RCF HC 2000 amp; 1 x RCF EP5004 amp; 1 x BSS 3088LL Sound Web Processor; 1 x Pioneer DJM 800 DJ mixer; 3 x Pioneer CDJ1000MKIII





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