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May / June 2008


The Modern is the latest addition to the Donnelly Group's portfolio of Vancouver venues.

The Portfolio already includes Bar None, The Republic and a host of pubs and drinking dens.

Located on Alexander Street in the city’s historical Gastown district, The Modern inhabits one of the area’s many listed heritage buildings and sits alongside a collection of contemporary condos and trendy restaurants.

Though the venue had previously existed as a nightclub, the Donnelly Group decided on a complete architectural and technological overhaul. For the latter, they called upon Burnaby-based LTS Professional Sound & Lighting, with whom they had worked in the past.

“Jeff Donnelly [Donnelly Group’s President] has a great deal of experience with clubs and has toured the world to see what is out there,” says LTS’s Bruce Crews . “For The Modern, he really wanted a state of the art design. The club was completely emptied and re-designed from the ground up - from the washrooms to the dancefloor.”

One of the key requisites of the redesign was that music should be made a top priority, and that any system would be able to deliver both live entertainment and international DJ talent. LTS chose a combination of Adamson M-15 cabinets and the CB1 high/mid cabinets. “From our experience, the Lab.gruppen/Adamson combination can truly handle and perform at this intensity,” says Crews. “That, along with the Nexia, gives us the ultimate control and exceeds the expectations of the professional acts that are brought in.

“We used Adamson speakers in a previous installation at another popular nightclub in Vancouver. The customer was very pleased with their performance and consistency so we decided to keep a similar combination in the new club.”

The venue’s public space is divided between two levels and within both levels there are distinct dance floor and lounge areas. Two M15’s were flown horizontally due to the club’s ceiling height restrictions (achieved using the MASS™ rigging system single axis with C-clamp method) with two SX Subs on the ground for the larger first level dance floor. The first dance floor’s system was strategically placed to double up as a DJ monitor rig without creating overlap.

The second dance floor is filled with sound reinforcement provided by four flown M15’s and a single SX Sub. The upstairs lounge houses four CB-1’s while the downstairs intimate lounge features two. Lab.gruppen amplifiers power the entire installation with their C 16:4’s, C 48:4’s and C 68:4’s and all Adamson M15’s use proprietary M-Series processing.

Being located in a residential part of town, minimising acoustic leak and keeping the neighbours happy was a major concern. As well as placing acoustic foam under each bass bin to absorb the sub-sonic bass frequencies, the LTS team employed some clever DSP kit.

“We took advantage of the DSP technology to have the versatility to focus on the troubled areas,” explains Crews. “By using the high pass filter to shelve the lower resonant frequencies we were able to reduce the standing waves from passing through to the neighbouring residents.” The software also allowed the team to control the output volume from the DJ booth and so monitor and control the overall SPL level.

LTS also took on responsibility for the lighting, opting for a mix of SGM moving heads along with Martin Pro and Amercian DJ scanners. The upper level lounge area and lower level dance floor are covered by four Martin Acrobats, two Idea spot 250’s and two Genio Mobile LEDs, whilst the upper level dancefloor enjoys a further four SGM Idea Spot 250s and two SGM Genio Mobile LEDs, as well as four American DJ Concept 1 scanners. All lighting is controlled from the DJ booth by an SGM’s Pilot 3000 console.


6 x SGM Idea Spot 250; x SGM Genio Mobile LED; 4 x Martin Pro Acrobat Scanner; 4 x American DJ Concept 1 Scanner; 1 x Pilot 3000 Digital Lighting Console

6 x Adamson M15; 2 x Adamson SX sub; 6 x Adamson CB1; 2 x Lab.gruppen C48:4; 1 x Lab.gruppen C16:4; 1 x Lab.gruppen C68:4; 2 x Nexia SP unit; 1 x Nexia Volume/Select 8; 1 x Nexia Logic Box





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