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Focus Lighting Inc Chosen for Crush at Atlantis

Crush is an exciting, energetic club designed for teenagers at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  Focus Lighting worked closely with Jeffrey Beers International to create an environment on par with world class nightclub venues that give teenagers a unique experience, unrivalled by other teen clubs.

The compelling graphic design utilises a series of long lines punctuated by dots of light to create an undulating environment of contrasting light and dark areas. 

The architecture of the club works in concert with the lighting to create an enveloping, embracing space – some of the architecture is literally built out of light tubes that wrap up the wall and onto the ceiling, immersing clubgoers in video animations that match the mood and energy of the music. 

Over 200 video clips can be recalled by the DJ, and an EQ graphic synced to the audio output overlays the animations, which adjust to the speed of the music.  All of the standard elements of a dance club are included, from a mock bar, to a state of the art dancefloor lighting rig, to high resolution video displays. 

Some of the conventional club features like a disco ball have been twisted to satisfy the younger generation - instead of a standard disco ball above the dance floor, the entry to the club is envisioned as an “inside-out exploded disco ball”. The entry wall surfaces are made from beveled mirror tile that surround an inground floor feature of colour changing LEDs that uplight people passing through, the kinetic patterns of which are reflected in the custom reflective decorative fixture overhead.

The dynamic excitement is carried through to the other areas of the venue, an Internet Lounge and a Gaming Stadium.  In the Gaming Stadium, the central gaming tree is built of acrylic rods that transmit colour changing LED lights at either end of their shafts. The lights are programmed through a routine that matches the frenetic energy of the games themselves, playing on 32 screens arrayed around the tree.  In tournament play, special sequences are triggered to react to winning teams. Around the perimeter, private gaming dens are available for individual play in a more sedate environment. 

The use of the Internet continues the high tech motif by using large LCD displays that feature powerful diving scenes, which are further enhanced by offsetting the surrounding walls / ceiling with LEDs in a coordinating deep blue hue.  To prevent the colour from overwhelming clubgoers, supplemental white lighting is strategically used to avoid washing out the coloured elements, while still creating a comfortable environment that provides flattering light for patrons.


Color Kinetics iColorCove MX
Color Kinetics iFlex LMX
Color Kinetics ColorGraze Powercore LED
Traxon Media Tubes
SLV Crystal VII
Pulsar Chroma Inground MR16
Martin MAC 301 LED Wash Fixtures
Martin MAC 350 Entour LED Profile
Elation ELAR 180 LED Par
Martin Atomic 3000 DMX Strobe with Atomic Colors
Martin JEM K1 Hazer
High End Systems FQ-100 Fog Generator
Contrast downlights
Tokistar linear LED
Boca Flasher high power linear LED

Video & Control

coolux Pandora's Box PB Media Player STD-MMU-RM
coolux Pandora's Box PB Media Manager Player STD-RM Pkg 2
coolux Pandora's Box Dual DVI Input Module 1200x1600
coolux Pandora's Box Widget Designer Pro Operators Station
Key West Tech MXS-RM-MZ Media Zone Extreme Digital Signage Server
Martin Maxxyz MI Control Set


Turbosound TCSC50T
Turbosound TCS61 Coffee Shop Speakers
Turbosound TCS152 Gaming Arena
Turbosound NUQ15 Dancefloor
Turbosound NUQ10 DJ Monitors
Turbosound CB-55 Ceiling Bracket
Turbosound NuQ FY-15 Flying Yoke
Turbosound NuQ-FY10 Flying Yoke
Turbosound TCS-C50TB Tile Bridge
EV EVID 10.1 Ceiling Subs
Rane Sixty-eight 4 Channel Mixer w/Scratch Live
Serato Video SL Video Scratch Live
Technics SL1200 Turntables





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