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Meyer Sound at Toronto's Exquisite TIFF Bell Lightbox

Meyer Sound Cinema Experience audio systems will be featured in two premier cinemas at Toronto's new TIFF Bell Lightbox, a dazzling new five-story complex in downtown Toronto that is destined to become a leading international centre for film.

A Meyer Sound Cinema Experience system will complement the world's most advanced visual technologies in TIFF Bell Lightbox's largest cinema, the 530-seat Cinema One.

Designed for the ultimate in rich and powerful sound, this premier venue features three Acheron 100 screen channel loudspeakers, each paired with an Acheron LF low frequency extension loudspeaker. Extreme lows are powered by six X-800C high-power cinema subwoofers, while the extraordinarily flexible surround system incorporates 22 HMS-10 cinema surround loudspeakers, 22 MM-4XP miniature loudspeakers, and four UP-4XP ultra compact loudspeakers.

Signal processing is handled by a Galileo loudspeaker management system comprising three Galileo 616 processors.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Meyer Sound Laboratories as we launch our new year-round home," said Natalie Lue, Vice President of Operations & Production, TIFF.

"Our goal is to provide our audiences with the best in-cinema experience available. Given Meyer Sound's exceptional reputation in the audio industry, the Meyer Sound Cinema Experience system was the obvious choice to ensure state-of-the-art high quality audio in our Cinemas."

Because Cinema One will double as a venue for live presentations and conferences, the room also includes a separate Meyer Sound PA system comprising two each UPQ-2P narrow coverage loudspeakers, UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeakers and UPJ-1P Compact VariO loudspeakers along with three M1D ultra compact curvilinear array loudspeakers.

Meyer Sound has also equipped Cinema Five, an intimate 80-seat venue ideal for VIP screenings for studio executives, festival producers and international dignitaries, with a Cinema Experience system. Cinema Five employs three Acheron Studio screen channel loudspeakers along with eight HMS-10 surround loudspeakers, two X-800C subwoofers, and a single Galileo 616 for signal processing.

Meyer Sound has also announced that it will be a continuing corporate sponsor of the TIFF Bell Lightbox. 

In addition to housing five cinemas, two galleries, learning facilities and restaurants, the TIFF Bell Lightbox will serve as a permanent new home for TIFF, an umbrella organisation that incorporates not only the annual Festival but also seven other organisations that promote the cinematic arts year-round across Canada. The name of the new complex also reflects lead sponsorship of Bell, Canada's largest telecommunications firm.





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