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Jason's Martin Club

March / April 2008

Jason's Martini Club is nestled in the heart of a popular nightlife and entertainment district in Sanford, Florida. Its state-of-the art design and techno beats offer a hip alternative to those seeking a memorable night on the town.

The venue’s interior design and lighting installation is beautifully elaborate, incorporating LEDs and fibre optic “star” ceilings throughout. The eponymous owner, Jason Turner, wanted the venue to function both as a martini lounge and an ‘almost full-on’ nightclub for busy Friday and Saturday nights and private functions. Turner was particularly enthusiastic about the incorporation of LEDs into the venue’s lighting concept.

Impact Lighting supplied over 1000ft of modular LED strips to line the underside of the onyx bar top. Some of the LEDs are behind custom designed ‘bubble walls’, and are located not only beneath the bar top but in specially created wall sconces, in coves beneath the bar, behind the liquor shelves, in the frosted bathroom doors, underneath the sinks, under the floor’s inlaid logo in the entrance hall, and under the frosted tables and benches – in other words, everywhere. The next phase in the venue’s total LED domination will see the installation of a unique LED ‘disco floor’ on the ceiling above the dance floor.

Paul Koren, Project Manager and Lead Designer for the lighting installation said Turner was very open to new possibilities. “For years we have dabbled with putting light where light usually does not go, and have done some very interesting projects, but Jason’s Martini Club offered the possibility to really go ‘all out’ and do some things we had been dreaming of for quite some time,” he said.

“The onyx bar tops underlit by full colour-mixing LEDs in a lightning-like or twisting river-like layout, and the bar surrounded by water-filled bubble walls lit by colour changing LEDs were concepts we had really wanted to do on a large scale like this.”

Koren was also thrilled that the use of all these full-colour changing RGB LEDs meant the look of the whole building could be transformed at the touch of a button. All the lighting, both the architectural and dance floor fixtures, is controlled by Sunlite software and hardware. The LEDs are controlled via dmx so the club can jump and change in time with the music.

The installation was not without difficulty though. “The main challenge of this installation (other than the obvious difficulties of wiring and mounting hundreds of feet of hidden LED lighting and hundreds more square feet of fibre optics in the ceiling) was to do so in a way that would be serviceable,” explained Koren.

“Although LEDs are rated typically for thousands and thousands of hours of use, you must always plan for an installation to be serviceable, because there is no telling what may happen, especially in a bar/club environment. Making this installation serviceable was more difficult because we were not only installing a large number of lights, but also because they were going in some pretty abnormal place and situations.”

Koren is thrilled with the finished project: “This installation exceeded all of our expectations. It is very hard to imagine exactly what a finished design will look like, and we had no idea how incredible this would look when we were done.”

The sound system needed to be just as diverse as the lighting. Turner informed Design and Installation Project Manager, Matt Wisdom, of Impact Entertainment, that he wanted a system he could ‘crank up’ when people started dancing, giving the venue the sound and feel of a much bigger club. He was also adamant that it wasn’t just about volume, the system had to sound great too.

Wisdom set about installing everything in a simple, clean and ‘fairly minimal’ way, which he felt was in keeping with the venue’s aesthetic vision. “The entire facility is immaculate, with acrylic ceiling tiles, granite and onyx floor tiles, bar, and wall coverings, with very elegant furnishings and décor,” he said.

“We wanted to complement these and take little or nothing away from that by drawing attention to bulky speakers or light fixtures, mounting hardware, cables etc. So we took extra pains to hide anything and everything possible by carefully designing how everything would be mounted and wired. Almost everything is mounted out of view with only small cables disappearing into tiny holes in the acrylic ceiling tiles. Of course, it is very difficult to hide speakers the size of the QSCs, so an extrusion is being built around the subs which can serve as a stage or dance platform, and the full range QSCs are simply flown to complement the lines formed by the architecture of the dance floor.”

He also had to ensure that the system could easily be operated by anyone from a wedding DJ, to the bar staff, to a professional club/event DJ booked for Friday or Saturday night whilst meeting the volume, bass and quality requirements of the venue. “This primarily meant finding the right balance of hardware to achieve the audio goals while carefully designing and streamlining the user-interface for ease-of-use without compromising functionality should a DJ be performing who needs the full capabilities of a pro DJ setup,” said Matt. “To achieve this we basically installed two systems which could run completely independently of each other, but which are tied together.”

The main dancefloor system, comprised of QSC HPR series powered loudspeakers gives it the big sound and bass that Turner wanted, and is capable of providing enough volume for the whole facility.

Since the majority of the time a subtle, evenly distributed sound is more appropriate, there is also a ‘house’ sound system comprised of JBL Control series contractor loudspeakers spread throughout the venue for even coverage and full sound.

Thanks to a user-friendly switching system the DJ or bar manager can route any audio through any system, so they can have a DJ playing through the ‘house’ system, the dancefloor sound, or both simultaneously.

“It’s an incredible sound system, especially when one considers the low cost of the whole project,” said Wisdom.





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